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Louise Singleton works as Headteacher at Hambrough Primary School. She tells us that after being a DB Primary customer for a long time, she decided to come to us when a new website was needed. We spoke to her about their use of our products, and what feedback staff, parents and students are giving them.

Let’s start by looking at your website; how do you find editing and updating it?

It’s very easy. And if I do run into any problems or have questions, the support team are always quick to help me out. New Era are helpful, knowledgeable and offer advice to improve the overall look to keep the website easy to navigate.

Have you had any feedback from parents or colleagues?

Our parents regularly use and access the information available on our website and are positive about its navigation. The professional look is definitely the best aspect of the website.

At New Era, our team of education experts will build a website that is modern, easy to navigate and update, plus mobile friendly – so it can be viewed, and even edited on the go. You school website is an excellent marketing tool and a great way of keeping parents and carers up to date on your latest news and activities. We ensure your website has all it needs to meet Ofsted requirements when building it, and all amendments and support is included in your fee.

Hambrough Primary School are also happy to be using our online education platform DB Primary. When transitioning back into the classroom after lockdown, DB Primary acted as a great platform for any remote learning needed whilst making sure students and teachers could stay in touch and continue to collaborate and communicate via email, blogs and forums.

How are the teachers using DB Primary to compliment their current teaching plan?

They use it for weekly homework, communication with the class, blog posts to engage pupils, sharing video clips and assembly presentations with parents.

And how are the children using it?

They communicate with individual friends, the whole class and class teacher. They submit tasks and upload pictures as well as work.

DB Primary allows you to create a remote classroom which comes complete with extensive curriculum resources. It’s a great tool for any learning outside of the classroom, for better understand of online behaviour and relationships and to solidify the foundations for the online safety strand of the incoming Relationships Education guidelines.

Has DB Primary been helpful when teaching online safety? If so, how?

Yes, the whistle works very well and is monitored by senior staff which allows us to tackle individual cases when they happen. Children have their own log ins and are aware of the dangers of sharing personal info.

If you would like more information about DB Primary or our school websites then please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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