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Until recently, organisations managed their identity management in-house. The logic was simple: the identity management system needed to connect with many mission-critical business systems, which were also operated internally for security reasons. It also needed to provision the organisation’s services, which were all on-premise.

Today, services are migrating from on-premise to cloud, including many of the organisation’s business systems. When the business data and services are in the cloud, it makes more sense to position identity management alongside them.

But it isn’t just a question of the hosting. Organisations have cloud-first strategies because they want to take advantage of the broader operational and commercial benefits. By partnering with cloud-based providers, organisations can benefit from scale and expertise that no single organisation can duplicate.

Today, the convergence of these two trends makes “identity as a service” (IDaaS) a viable proposition for almost all organisations. But identity management is a complex activity, having touchpoints across the business, so that proposition can be very different between organisations. It is rarely as simple as “in-house” or “out-source”, particularly for organisations that must pay particular attention to identity.

The calculus varies between organisations; it is also likely to change over time. An in-house solution offers the assurance that the organisation can adapt to the changing environment. Addressing a new requirement is usually a matter of reorganisation or reconfiguration. Conversely, a service from a provider may require renegotiation, or even a new procurement.

Consequently, migrating an identity solution to the cloud is not simply a change of hosting environment. The complexity can escalate because of the operational implications of new commercial considerations. And because most cloud-hosted identity solutions are, fundamentally, legacy on-premise solutions, customers can find themselves locked into a solution that doesn’t take full advantage of cloud.

Unlike its competitors, which have evolved from legacy on-premise applications, New Era’s IAM offering, Able+, is cloud native. Built on best-of-breed Microsoft Azure technologies, the service has been designed to allow its users to retain control of the service, where they want it. This allows users to benefit from the cloud without comprise. It offers a comprehensive suite of identity management functionality within a fully managed, cloud-based service.

In conclusion, whether you are a small startup or a multinational corporation, Able+ offers a scalable IDaaS solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises.


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