This document outlines the minimum requirements that should be considered when using the DB Primary learning environment. 

It is important to ensure that these are applied so that you have the best experience and to avoid usability problems. 

Your school IT Technician should be able to help and assist with any updates, or changes, that may be required. For further advice, please contact the New Era support team. 


Firewall/Proxy Exceptions

The following ports and URLs should be available and whitelisted on any firewalls/proxies within the network infrastructure. It may be necessary in cases where firewalls are controlled by a central authority, to contact the relevant IT support company; for example, a local authority IT support team. 

Ports: 80, 8080, 443, 8443 


URLs: * / * / / / / /  

If a custom domain is used to access the DB Primary, for example “”, then this URL should also be white-listed. 

DB Primary is end-to-end encrypted with SSL (https). SSL inspection settings on firewalls may cause issues with loading content, and if so, we would advise DB Primary URLs are added to SSL inspection exceptions.


Supported Web Browsers

DB Primary is a completely webbased environment and utilizes the latest CSS3 and HTML5 web technologies. 

Therefore, for the best performance and safest user experience, we recommend that users use the most up to date versions of their chosen web browser. 

We strongly advise that schools ask their IT technicians to regularly run updates on web browsers used in school, and users at home also keep their web browsers up to date. 

Below browsers are supported by the SchoolPing web app

* Internet Explorer 11 features a compatibility mode option that is designed to emulate older versions of Internet Explorer. If enabled, this may lead elements on the page being styled and positioned incorrectly, and possibly even affect some functionality. If you suspect you may be viewing the website in Compatibility mode, this setting can be found in the developer tools console (press F12). Compatibility view settings can also be changed by going into Internet Explorer settings menu and choosing ‘Compatibility view settings’ from the menu. 

** Microsoft Edge Windows 10 only

Please note that the Windows XP operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft and can only run Internet Explorer 9, at the latest. It is strongly advised that any systems running XP are upgraded to newer versions of Windows as soon as possible.

Sound & Video Recording

DB Primary utilizes HTML5 web technology for sound and video recording directly through the browser, avoiding the need for potentially unsafe 3rd party plugins (such as Flash or Java). Users will require a microphone/web cam to be connected to their computer. 

Currently HTML5 recording is only support by the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. When other web browsers release future updates to support this, the sound and video recording feature will automatically become available. 

On mobile devices, DB Primary will simply use the native and video and sound recording tools built into the device. 

Enable Cookies

Ensure that cookies are enabled within your chosen browser. 

To make our web-based products and services easy, useful and reliable, we require amounts of information in files known as “cookies” to be stored on computers or mobile devices.

We do not use these to identify users personally, nor to hold any personal data.

Some pieces of information are essential for delivering our online products to you and others are used to improve the user experience, for example: 

  • managing a user’s login session and ensuring authenticated access to pages 
  • making the login process easier 
  • remembering activities that you have performed 

Browser Pop-ups

DB Primary will from time-to-time produce browser pop-up dialogues, for features such as file uploading. 

If necessary, add DB Primary as an exception to the relevant ad blocker rules. 

Flash & Java Plugins

DB Primary does not require the use of Flash and Java browser plugins. 

Screen Display

DB Primary is designed and tested against the most common screen resolutions. Responsive web technology is used in certain areas for better presentation on mobile devices. 

For the best experience, our recommended screen resolutions are below: 

  • 1920 x 1080
  • 1366 x 768
  • 1024 x 768

Mobile & Tablet Support

DB Primary is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Below are our recommended device specs: 

Android: Android mobile devices running the latest version of the Android operating system* and using the Chrome web browser. Please check the Android website for information on the latest version: 

*Please note that hardware specs on Android devices can vary considerably, which can impact the speed of performance. 

iOS: Apple mobile devices running the latest version of iOS. To check that you have the latest version of iOS, please check the Apple website for help: 

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