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Choosing the right technology for video collaboration in modern workspaces
”When it comes to creating seamless collaboration spaces for modern work, choosing the right technology is crucial...
Vicky Hart
10 Jun, 2024
Designing the perfect collaboration spaces for a hybrid workforce
Whether you’re designing a spacious conference room or more compact huddle spaces, there are essential considerations ...
Vicky Hart
24 May, 2024
Improving Remote Team Culture With Communication Tools
Embracing Remote Work: The New Norm in Business The shift to remote work is rapidly becoming a permanent fixture in the ...
New Era Technology
15 May, 2024
How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the World of Video Collaboration
When we look at the world of Video Collaboration and the velocity of change in this space, one key influence is the emer...
Vicky Hart
6 Nov, 2023
Discover the impact VR and AR will have on AV Integration
It’s astonishing to think that the inaugural Oculus Headset was introduced back in 2010, a staggering 13 years ago...
Darren Brown, AV Solutions Visual Designer, CTS
5 Jun, 2023
A comprehensive guide: Planning for a global Microsoft Teams Rooms deployme...
Microsoft Teams Rooms provide an immersive meeting room experience with video conferencing, audio, and content sharing c...
Vicky Hart
9 May, 2023

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