Enhancing the meeting room environment for hybrid working

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Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. One of our customers, a top 20 legal firm on a global scale, needed a better hybrid working strategy.


With a decade-long relationship, the firm relied on our expertise to facilitate a seamless transition as employees gradually returned to the office post-lockdown. Post Covid clients would often visit the London office, making the most of a number of smaller, easy access meeting rooms. When returning after lockdown, there was a notable shift in client expectations, particularly regarding the utilisation of meeting spaces in the London office, due to the ease of working from home. The demand for more adaptable, user-friendly meeting rooms increased as remote work became more prevalent.


Addressing the client’s need for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions, we undertook the task of designing and delivering 10 meeting rooms across the client floor. Each room was equipped with audio and camera functionalities that seamlessly integrated with individuals’ laptops. Focusing on an optimal design for functionality, we swiftly implemented simple yet professional self-service setups accommodating 4 to 6 individuals per room.


The ten meeting rooms were designed and delivered in 2021.  We were quickly able to deliver an enhanced user experience as well as improved connectivity between office-based staff, remote workers and external partners. This efficient setup is now regularly utilised to facilitate daily operations.


We continue to work with this customer to further shape their collaboration services to support their ongoing hybrid working strategy. The evolution of office spaces and meeting environments remains a priority, and our ongoing efforts involve consulting with the client to design additional meeting rooms and extend support where necessary. As the landscape of work continues to evolve, our commitment is to remain adaptable and responsive to our clients’ dynamic needs.

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