Transforming a complex space for a global legal firm

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New Era has had a longstanding relationship with a global legal firm as their trusted technology provider.

This widely recognised legal firm has over 1,000 lawyers delivering legal services to large public companies, private equity firms and financial institutions across the globe.

Over the past four years, we have successfully implemented Cisco solutions in all their meeting rooms as well as providing a solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

Project overview

However, the client recently approached us with a unique challenge; they required a complete redesign of a large multipurpose space so that it could be configured into multiple spaces, offering greater flexibility for the use of this room. They wanted this configured so that it could be divided into three smaller rooms, two medium-sized rooms, or used as one expansive area.

New Era process

Given the diverse functionality of the space and the need to accommodate frequent furniture rearrangement, we recognised the importance of conducting a comprehensive engineering survey. This survey was specifically tailored to address the requirements of all three-room configurations, ensuring optimal video and audio performance in each scenario.

The dynamic nature of the desired space demanded careful consideration of camera angles, acoustics, and overall layout. Through our professional services, we meticulously assessed cable routing options, mitigated potential background noise, and carefully considered factors such as anticipated occupancy levels to guarantee an exceptional experience for all users.


After the New Era Team conducted a thorough evaluation, we determined that the best course of action was to transition the space from Cisco to a combination of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This solution offered the versatility and functionality needed to support the dual usage of the space while delivering an exceptional user experience.


In 2021, we successfully completed the project, and it continues to be utilised by the client. The design process for this project was intricate and involved, but our expertise in room design and management ensured that we maximised the potential of this challenging space. By seamlessly integrating Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we enabled the client to harness the full capabilities of the room, effectively overcoming the initial difficulties associated with its complex layout. Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions allowed the client to optimise their collaboration efforts in this multipurpose environment, ultimately enhancing their productivity and overall success.

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