How can an Identity and Access Management solution help MATs be more efficient?

By Vicky Hart - 10 Apr, 2019
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Many Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) don’t realise the impact a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, like Able+ Cloud could have on performance and efficiency.

What are the challenges?

When a number of different schools form a trust, there will always be challenges to overcome such as aligning IT systems, cultures and processes. However, the benefits to schools joining a trust are well documented; resource sharing, cross-fertalisation of knowledge, strong leadership, reduced costs, centralised services and so on…

Using an IAM solution provides untold benefits in overcoming both the challenges and optimising the benefits in MATs. Here are just some of the ways an IAM solution can help your trust run more efficiently, improve performance and save money.

Single sign-on

No more lost passwords! Pupils, staff, teachers and other school contacts can gain access to all their apps and resources with one single set of log in credentials.

O365 and G Suite integration

Able+ cloud integrates with 1,000s of external apps including O365 and G Suite.


Reduced costs, i.e single contracts for software/licences and increased efficiencies from unified processes. It also helps facilitate a trust-wide brand and vision.

Easy provisioning of supply staff

Onboard supply or temporary teachers quickly and efficiently by automating access to the apps and resources they need.

Defining roles and permissions

If you have staff who work across multiple roles and/or sites, Able+ Cloud lets you manage their access and permissions automatically.

Easier support & compliance training

If everyone is using the same systems, support and compliance training becomes easier and more efficient.

Improved collaboration

Able+ Cloud offers a central platform for resource sharing, best practice and cross school support.This also has the added bonus of improving internal relationships.​

Improved MAT school performance

In a MAT environment you will have schools with different performance, ratings and cultures. Having a solid IAM strategy in place makes it easier for cross-fertalisation of knowledge and processes, meaning schools can help each other optimise overall performance.​

Easy compliance and management reporting

Gain instant visibility into usage and reports, making it easy to identity areas for improved efficiency.

More info?

If you would like more information about Able+ Cloud, then don’t hesitate to get in touch or book a demo.


Author: Vicky Hart

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