How does identity and access management simplify onboarding and offboarding?

By Vicky Hart - 25 Oct, 2019
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Onboarding and offboarding members of staff is an arduous task for large scale organisations. It is vital that you can ensure new employees receive the right permissions and access to allow them to perform their roles effectively, whilst ensuring that security isn’t compromised.

The same is true when an employee leaves an organisation. It is paramount that the offboarding process immediately ends any access permissions, which could compromise security.

Identity and Access automates the application of IT policies

By automating the application of IT policies and assigning complex business rules through an IAM solution such as Able+ Cloud, you can ensure that people are assigned permissions at role level. These roles will automatically give employees access to a predetermined set of applications and resources. What historically could take days to process, can be done in seconds, at the touch of a button.

Role management strengthens security

With identity and access management, permissions are coded into ‘roles’ rather than being set on an individual basis.  This massively reduces the risk of employees being give the wrong level of access to any apps or resources. Using an IAM solution also means identity of security risks or breaches is much more efficient.

Prevention of Access/Privilege Creep

Often referred to as access or privilege creep, individuals tend to build up an accumulation of access rights over time. This poses many risks for organisations including unauthorized access to sensitive information, compliance issues and most importantly, increases the threat of a security breach. Able+ Cloud allows the relevant IT teams to monitor permissions across individual users as well as having control over access requests.


What happens if a person has multiple roles?

Multi-role management can be difficult, especially if an employee has different access rights dependent on things such as role and location. Able+ Cloud is one of the only IAM solutions which makes multi-role management easy. By adapting a special set of business rules, you can automatically control access rights based on this very specific criteria.

What if someone only needs occasional access?

In organisations today, it isn’t always clear cut. There may be occasions where employees need temporary access to certain resources or applications. As with Able+ Cloud, an IAM solution will allow IT teams to monitor and respond much more promptly to any access requests which fall outside of the usual role parameters. Not only that but access can be restricted to periods of time i.e. if an individual team member is helping with a specific task and needs access to a restricted database for limited time frame.

Offboarding employees

It’s never as simple as deleting a user. In organisations (both large and small) it’s sometimes difficult to assess what applications and resources a user has had access to. Access/privilege creep sometimes means it is difficult to audit what access individuals have had, meaning it is more difficult to ensure access is completely removed when an individual leaves a company. Let’s also not forget that with Single sign-on, IT has one set of single log-in credentials to terminate.


By implementing an IAM solution, the onboarding and offboarding of employees, the benefits are untold. Increased security, improved compliance, increased efficiency, reduced costs and overall a more seamless and easier to manage process.

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Author: Vicky Hart

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