How important is it to represent your curriculum and values on your website?

By Vicky Hart - 13 Sep, 2019
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Your website is a window into school brand and ethos

It is vitally important that your website effectively represents your values and ethos and shares the breadth and depth of the learning opportunities and experiences that your curriculum provides.

A vital communication channel for parents

Your website is likely to be an integral part of your communication with the parents of the children attending your school. They may visit it to find a copy of your latest newsletter or to find a key date or event details. Showing, sharing and celebrating your curriculum is essential in keeping parents informed and engaged. The statutory information about curriculum including phonics and reading schemes are important, but from a parents’ perspective blogs or image galleries showing the richness of experience may be so much more informative. In a New Era website it is easy to manage regular updates of the rich learning experiences your children enjoy through image galleries, video, uploads and blogs.

A website is often a parents first impression of your school

Prospective parents are also likely to visit your website prior to making any decisions about school choices. They will be looking for a school where children have many opportunities, are happy and safe. They will want to find out as much about the school as they cab. Your website is an essential tool for them. Clear navigation, with easy to find information and plenty of visual stimulus is key to sharing curriculum, values and ethos.

Your website will influence your Ofsted score

Another interested party is Ofsted. The school website is a key part of information gathering for the lead inspector. Not only will they check for compliance, but they will get their first impressions from what and how you share your information. With an increased emphasis on curriculum in the new framework how your website shows, shares and celebrates the rich, deep curriculum the school offers is vitally important. The school website may well be the first stepping stone in sharing intent, implementation and impact.

Why should you choose New Era for your website?

In today’s world it is essential school websites meet the needs of different audiences, provide information in a timely and effective ways. New Era Websites are:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to Edit
  • Quickly updated
  • Simple to navigate
  • Modern and fresh looking
  • Value for money
  • And they are supported by an expert team at no additional cost

More info?

If you would like more information about our website service, then visit our websites page, book a demo or contact us for more info.

Author: Vicky Hart

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