How should schools keep using DB Primary now they have returned?

By Natasha Gibbs - 1 Apr, 2021
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Now that schools have returned and teachers are once again able to deliver their learning in person rather than remotely, you may be wondering how you can continue to use and get the most out of DB Primary.

It can be tempting to cast aside your remote learning platform now that you’re back in the classroom, but DB Primary offers so much more than just the ability to facilitate remote learning…. And now is the time to really use it to it’s full potential whilst the pupils are in the habit of logging in daily and have developed their confidence using the different features over the past year!

 Use DB primary to deliver your online safety lessons

DB Primary offers a digital citizenship scheme of work called ‘Web Wizards’. This is a scheme of work which supports schools to deliver the knowledge, skills and understanding for primary-aged children to learn how to stay safe online and contribute positively as effective digital citizens. It offers children first-hand experience of online communication and collaboration.

It is designed to cover the breadth and depth of the Education for a Connected World Framework. This is a key document published by UKCIS and sets out a set of age-appropriate ‘can-do’ statements. It is referenced in the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 statutory guidance (annex C), Teaching Online Safety in Schools non-statutory guidance (published June 2019) and Online Harms White paper (April 2019).

The lessons are designed to be adapted and used flexibly alongside other activities and resources, both online and offline.

Teaching the computing curriculum

The Learning Library is jam packed full of excellent resources for teaching the computing curriculum. It includes Planning Guidance (overviews and plans), Teaching Tools (to help teach a concept), and Activities (to be assigned to the pupils to complete).


DB Primary’s blog feature is great for both remote learning and in class learning. The DB blog feature is a perfect introduction to online communication as it organically encourages pupils’ enthusiasm for writing, reading and peer assessment. Whether your class is using personal, class or public blogs, DB Primary allows free reign for creative writing and response within a secure environment that is fully integrated with the DB profanity filter and reporting features.

Blogging in EYFS and KS1 will likely need to be teacher-led and can be completed as a whole class activity. It provides a lovely opportunity for undertaking shared reading and modelled writing with the class.

By the time the children reach KS2 they are hopefully quite familiar with the class blog on their community page. Continue creating a weekly class blog as a teacher-led, whole class activity as this is a great way of asking the children to reflect on their learning that week and it provides an excellent opportunity to model good writing. As well as writing class blog entries together, you may wish to encourage the children to start writing in their own personal blogs.


The forum tool is the ultimate collaborative tool within DB Primary. Forums can be used in a large range of creative ways to share and discuss topic knowledge, write stories, conduct character interviews, and debate PSHE ideas and whole school issues.

The forum can also provide a great setting for teaching some of the online elements of Relationships Education. Using the forum to create a place to debate a topic (respectfully) and setting up a forum to bring together children who have similar hobbies and interests to help foster new friendships and connections are just a couple of ways the forum feature can be used to support children’s learning about online relationships.

Setting homework

The Learning Library is full of great pre-made activities you can assign to your class to complete either during school time or as homework. These activities cover a range of different subject areas and topics and can be set as individual tasks, or as part of a learning pathway.

DB primary also offers the ability to create your own activity to assign to your class, meaning you can create your own unique resources that fit your lesson plans. You can create your own spelling tests, quizzes, sorting activities, missing word activities and more! Our activity builders are self-marked and results are tracked in your class markbook.

Using DB Primary to support your school’s catch-up plan

It is no small task trying to address the learning loss caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. DB Primary offers a pack designed to help you set up your ‘catch up’ communities and give you some practical guidance about what to set for your class during the catch-up period to help fill any knowledge gaps the pupils may have developed over the past few months.

More information

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Author: Natasha Gibbs

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