How to offer secure and flexible work through IAM

By Sidsel Loyche - 22 Jun, 2021
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Hiring remote workers is not a new concept, but for many companies it is a new reality as the pandemic dust is settling. Many employees might want to combine days working from home, with ones in the office.

It can bring a positive outcome with people being more efficient and productive since they don’t have to spend time and money travelling to and from work, or no longer being dependent on the internet/video conference/meeting room availability in the office space. However, your employees need to seamlessly, and securely access documents and applications as well as collaborate with colleagues no matter where they are located.

Support secure flexible work with access management

An IAM service is built to enable organizations to secure, control and simplify employee access to company data and sensitive resources from wherever they are. Making your hybrid workplace more secure and manageable. Using Single Sign-on (SSO) your workforce can access any documents and applications needed by using only one set of credentials; quick and safe from anywhere. Additional login requirements like multifactor authentication (MFA) prevents abuse of single sign-on credentials.

Once logged in another important aspect is having access to the right applications needed for anyone to do their tasks. The complexity of registering every user and securely managing those credentials, whilst making it simple for workers to use, can quickly impact cost, efficiency and productivity. An effective IAM solution will solve the problem by providing the tools and capabilities needed to manage and perform these functions reliably and efficiently, without the need to develop bespoke solutions tailored to the organization.

Making sure your IAM solution is right for YOU

You need secure access, secure sharing, and secure authentication for your business to thrive, and you might need to evaluate your current IAM service to make sure it is allowing your company to do so. It’s important to understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to IAM won’t work – every business will need its own unique IAM solution that wraps around its policies and procedures.

New Era’s Able+ is a managed service. It makes for timely, effective and efficient set-up by us, and ease of use with low cost of ownership for our customer. With a thoughtfully planned and well-executed IAM strategy in place, the prospect of a long-term remote or hybrid workforce should not be daunting.

More information

To read more about how Able+ can support your remote workforce, please visit our Able+ pages or contact us directly for an online demonstration.

Author: Sidsel Loyche

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