A short guide to supporting your remote workers

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It has become clear that remote working is here to stay, and that the companies who are quick to adapt to this new norm are the ones that will thrive moving forward. At New Era we are supporting a hybrid workplace for our employees, and we wanted to share a few easy tips to ensure that your business can adjust with ease now that we are stepping out of survival mode and into a new normal.

Stay in touch

Something as simple as scheduling optional social hours can help keep loneliness at bay. A few suggestions are setting up meetups between team members for them to get to know each other better, playing online games together, presenting one’s hobbies to a team or setting up a film, or book club. This will help surface the topics employees would normally talk about in the break room and create a sense of belonging.


It’s also really important as a manager to understand what your team needs in these new times. How people are feeling determines how they behave. Setting up regular one-to-one can be a good way of finding out if an individual is in need of more support, more team activities or more flexibility for example.

Help set boundaries between work and personal time

It can be hard separating work from personal time if you are not travelling between the office and home. With your work laptop always in your home some people might find it hard to turn off “work-mode” As a manager you can help by encouraging breaks and communicating the importance of balance.

Flexible working hours

And speaking of flexibility; parents and care givers will continue to have demands around their schedule and this needs to be supported alongside regular breaks for everyone for mental health benefits. This will help to make sure your team can perform their best both at work and whilst at home, even if that is the same place.

Stay secure

Cybercriminals have been targeting remote workers throughout the pandemic, so security is key. As an organisation there are steps you can take to improve systems and ensure you offer secure access to all the tools and resources your employees need to carry out their roles effectively. In addition to these tools, you must educate your workers to ensure they are security aware.

How does IAM play a part?

To support the ‘new normal’ and hybrid working, it is imperative you implement an IAM solution. Finding the right IAM for your company can be tricky but it will yield untold benefits to the future productively of your company as we enter the new ways of working.

This article will teach you more about how better access management will help support your remote workforce and keep your company secure.

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