How our IAM solution will add value to your Microsoft’s products

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It is imperative that your IAM strategy aligns to your business needs, but how does New Era’s Able+  add value to your investments in Microsoft’s products? There are three answers to this.


Able+ offers full automation and orchestration of the identity lifecycle

You will know that the effective and timely management of users’ lifecycles is essential to security and productivity in your organisation. Your Active Directory is the authoritative source of user information for your Microsoft estate, and so it is critical that this information is accurate. Both on-premise and Azure Active Directory provide manual tools that can help, but using them is time-consuming and error-prone. You can automate these tools using scripts, but this requires development and maintenance by skilled developers.

Able+ seamlessly manages your users’ lifecycles by connecting your organization’s most authoritative sources of identity information, such as the HR and CRM systems, to Active Directory. These connections are controlled with workflows that capture the logic of your business’ identity management processes. Designed using an intuitive visual editor, workflows completely avoid the need for coding, empowering your team.

Able+ seamlessly integrates identity across your Microsoft and third-party products

These workflows will also integrate with other Microsoft products, including Exchange, Microsoft 365, and others. This allows you to seamlessly configure your users’ access and use of these products.

As well as Microsoft products, Able+ integrates with many other vendors’ products by default. This enables Able+ to work within a heterogenous environment and bridge the gap between your Microsoft estate and third-party products. This makes it easy to develop bespoke integrations that connect third-party products to your Microsoft estate using Able+.

Able+ makes it easy and safe to delegate identity management to your staff

Able+ is a highly intuitive product that enables you to delegate management. This means that you can safely allow specified users, groups and roles to configure the product in a controlled and transparent way. The product can understand your organisational structure, enabling the units within your business to take control of the configuration that matters to them. This configuration can then be reflected in the relevant Windows systems; for example, if a business unit needs to manage objects within their own Active Directory domain.

Able+ provides a single point of authority and control, enabling identity management to become a collaborative activity across the business, rather than a responsibility for the IT department alone.

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