Using self-service to improve business outcomes

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Businesses succeed or fail on their technology. There’s a weight of expectations on your IT department to improve the organisation’s digital efficiency and capabilities.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a critical IT capability. It secures the organisation’s digital assets; enables access for authorised users; and facilitates compliance with GDPR and other regulation.

Although IAM is typically managed as a central service, it has touchpoints across the business. This can make it costly and complex in organisations with many thousands of people, because people are often the root cause of IAM challenges. People change roles, join and leave the organisation, fall victim to phishing emails, and misuse or forget their passwords.

Self-service helps IT to manage the cost and complexity of IAM by empowering users. This reduces demand on the helpdesk and other technical support roles, keeping costs down. Users are happier and more productive, and IT can work more strategically.

Self-service in Able+

 Able+ delivers self-service in three ways

  1. End user tools
  2. Delegation of management
  3. Workflow configuration
    End user tools

    End users can be empowered with self-service tools for completing many routine tasks. This includes changing their password, requesting access to a resource, or updating their information.  These tasks are typical of the day-to-day needs of end users, meaning self-service tools can:

    • Cut helpdesk costs by reducing the support burden
    • Improve end user productivity by meeting their needs faster
    • Enhance end user satisfaction

    Able+ provides a single, simple end user portal for accessing these self-service tools from their PC or mobile device. End users can quickly and easily use these tools to achieve their goals, saving themselves time and the business money.

    Delegation of management

    Organisations can assign users with fully bespoke permissions over their Able+ solution. This enables IT to authorise users to manage aspects of their organisation’s Able+ solution, such as manual user account management and the membership of specified groups. Delegating management can:

    • Reduce management burden by utilising capacity in other parts of the organisation
    • Improve business satisfaction by providing control to individual units
    • Maintain control and transparency of the complete solution

    Able+ understands your organisation’s structure, making it easy for IT to implement controls that are consistent with your business’ governance and policies.

    Workflow configuration

    Most of an IAM solution’s configuration is within its workflows. Workflows automate many aspects of IAM, such as joiner/mover/leaver operations. Most IAM products require technical specialists, who can code, to build and maintain workflows. Instead, Able+ provides an intuitive visual workflow designer that anyone in the business can use to configure workflows. This can:

    • Reduce costs by avoiding the need for costly professional services
    • Increase agility by making changes to workflows as needed
    • Allow business process owners to take control of their workflows

    Able+ allows the management of workflows to be delegated, enabling IT to safely hand control to the appropriate business process owner.

    Learn more about self-service in Able+

    If you would like to know more about self-service in Able+ and how it can enable your organisation to increase productivity and decrease operational costs, please get in touch with our identity and access solution experts.

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