Managed Services—Time to Make the Change

By Jackie Edwards, Global Marketing Director - 10 Apr, 2023
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Comprehensive AV systems have become a necessity for many organisations in today’s marketplace. Sometimes, the management of these AV systems is overwhelming and complicated. Company’s in-house IT departments might lack the expertise to handle all parts included in an AV system. But if you choose an AV managed service provider (MSP), it ensures your company’s AV system is run efficiently and effectively.

MSPs Save Money

MSPs provide companies with many benefits traditional IT teams don’t. While your IT professionals can provide a degree of AV system supervision, MSPs offer 24/7 monitoring and services from a remote location or in-house.  This added layer of protection can help prevent cyberattacks and save your company money in the long run. An average data breach can costs a company over £3 million, but with MSP monitoring, companies can hopefully avoid that expenditure.

Fast Maintenance and Service

MSPs also provide troubleshooting expertise and expedited help with repairs. AV systems are complicated, and with the level of intertwined pieces of technology, minor issues are bound to happen. An MSP can simplify or eliminate complications by troubleshooting problems from remote locations to get a system back up and running. Coinciding with the high level of monitoring MSPs provide, identifying current and potential problems within an AV system is simplified. Having an on-site MSP expedites the troubleshooting and repair processes further. An on-site MSP provides companies with experts on location that are backed up by remote help desks.

The 24/7 monitoring of on-site and remote MSPs allows for predictive upgrades. AV systems are often interconnected, and if one piece of hardware or software is updated, the various other parts of the system won’t be as efficient. However, MSP monitoring gives companies the ability to know when to upgrade specific pieces of an AV system, ensuring the entire system is running efficiently.

Manage AV Upgrades

Alongside predictive upgrades, an MSP can perform maintenance from both an on-site expert and a centralised monitoring hub. Some MSPs include more in-depth support capabilities with the use of a technical assistance center (T.A.C.). This works as a central coordination point manned by individuals with years of technical and maintenance support. Service calls, repairs, replacements, product recalls, preventative maintenance, and many other activities regarding an AV system is all handled by the industry leading professionals at a T.A.C.  In a search for an MSP, finding a provider that has a proven T.A.C. is important to help ensure all your business’s AV system needs are met.

In-House AV Training

In addition to predictive upgrades and timely maintenance, MSPs can also provide system training to in-house IT employees. The correct training of IT employees on the specifications of custom AV systems provides companies with more knowledgeable staff members. Proper training  by MSPs gives companies two expert teams to manage, monitor, and provide maintenance on custom AV systems.

The Takeaway For AV Management

AV systems are a vital part of the success of any business. The ability to communicate, convey and construct information efficiently and in a way that is ascetically pleasing and eye-catching has become a necessity in today’s marketplace. AV systems are a useful tool, but monitoring, repairing, upgrading, and the maintenance that is synonymous with these systems might seem overwhelming. MSPs offer a solution for almost all your business’s AV system needs. MSPs provide around the clock monitoring, expedited repair and troubleshooting, predictive maintenance, and the knowledge about when to upgrade a system. If your company’s IT team is struggling to meet the needs of your business’s AV system, it’s time to make the switch to a managed service provider.

Author: Jackie Edwards, Global Marketing Director

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