Part 1: 7 ROI Perks from Information Technology Professional Services

By Eric Carter, Executive VP of eXtensible Operations Center (XOC) - 14 Dec, 2022
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Top IT decision makers are using information technology professional services

Are you looking to stay competitive in this ever-changing business landscape? It’s time to explore how cost-effective information technology professional services will transform your organisation and maximise your current technologies.

To do this cost-effectively, and perhaps with little to no direct internal IT experience, you may want to avoid bringing in a full-time IT department as they are simply too expensive and will consume a large portion of the budgets you have to work with.

What to look for in a true information technology professional services provider?

You’ll want to ensure you are finding a provider that offers a depth of experience, 24/7 on-demand talent, and extensive resources that will allow you to bring peace of mind and cost-efficient IT services to your organisation.

Information technology is crucial for businesses like yours that are interested in increasing their profits. Enterprise-level businesses rely mainly on technology to automate the most important functions within their organisation.

Typically, along with the high-value that technology can bring to a company, incorrect implementation and monitoring will cause major headaches.

IT leaders are continually forced to deal with the IT within their business, which distracts them from moving forward with the high-value items within their overall business strategy. With this, these IT decision makers are now more than ever looking to outsourced IT providers to maintain the ongoing technologies that are necessary for a business to grow and remain profitable.

1. Take back control of your IT and labor costs

Taking our resources externally helps convert fixed information technology costs and provides a viable and efficient budget to work with. With an IT consulting and professional services provider, your expenses become planned, controlled, and budgeted out. These costs become predictable, helping you have a solid understanding of what your organisation and various locations will use and when you’ll be using it. The value to your businesses that information technology professional services provide will go far beyond the expense reduction from the efficiencies they bring, resulting in well-earned savings. In many cases, organisations may see extreme savings from not having to pay expert IT professionals internally. Onboarding and educating IT professionals will become costly, and not to mention the inclusion of possible turnover costs.

2. Bring on the trained, experienced, qualified and certified experts

If you are not an expert of every single area of technology, how do you ensure the individuals you are considering internally will be fully qualified? Certifications are important to consider when looking at an internal IT professional but having the experience information technology professional services providers have from working on similar projects and industries that you are focused on, brings value far beyond certifications. The benefits and expertise that IT providers have will allow specialisation on each project, which would potentially require multiple costly talent hires to cover these specific areas.

There are many highly experienced IT employees out there, don’t get us wrong, but even they will come with limits to their skills as well as their network of resources to reach out to. Managed IT Services and consulting providers have access to extensive specialists and technicians that will surely deliver the specified knowledge that will be needed to see a project through successfully. You may also find it difficult to keep an internal IT professional at a competitive wage with the growing market. Additional expenses will include keeping up with the latest technologies and continuing to keep them satisfied with their internal growth up-the-ladder. A solid IT consulting services provider will always be up-to-speed on cutting edge technologies with a breadth of knowledge that will directly impact your growth and ensure you are solving problems faster than ever before.

3. Keep Your Business Competitive with Increased Efficiency

Enterprise level businesses that continually try to implement in-house IT services will see that they spend time on research, implementation, development, and various other areas which will up the expenses which get passed on to your customers. Tech will surely improve productiveness through communication enablement, knowledge transfer, and collaboration which help IT staff innovate. These abilities pass through an array of IT platforms, databases, servers, e-mails, etc. With this, productivity may never be reached to the fullest internally without prior and ongoing knowledge/best practices from planning, implementation, and maintenance of similar systems, which information technology professional services providers can deliver.

If you are looking to add additional assistance to your current team, we have you covered. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Author: Eric Carter, Executive VP of eXtensible Operations Center (XOC)

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