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By Sidsel Loyche - 12 Jul, 2021
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Let’s take a look at ways to save money with the right IAM solution. And let us start by going back to that old saying “Time is money” – as a business owner or manager you know this to be true. If we think of your help desk for example, the cost for a single password reset can be upwards £70 or more. A study by Gartner Group found that 20 -50% of all calls made to a help desk were about password resets.

That is a lot of time and money spent on forgotten passwords. It would also indicate that whilst an employee is waiting for a new password, they might not be able to access the applications or documents needed. Now that is time resulting in no money. On top of that, poor password management poses a higher risk for security breaches.

Our self-service capabilities empower your employees to solve many time consuming and costly issues themselves. So back to our password problem; with Able+ an employee who has forgotten their password can reset it themselves – freeing up time for your helpdesk and saving you money.

Reducing human error

At New Era the levels of automation offered by our flexible IAM solution, Able+, will save your organisation both time and money. Through automation we limit the risk of human error.

Let’s now think about a person joining or leaving your company. It can be difficult and take a long time to onboard a new starter onto the system. What access should they have, what applications do they need? By using role based permissions, Able+ will automatically do the hard work for you and assign access to all the resources they need in order to perform their ‘role’.

It also present the new employee with an easy-to-use interface and the ability to request access to other applications if needed.  The system also allows for employees to manually update info such as a new address or phone number. It might sound like a small detail to mention when presenting an IAM solution, but not having to raise tickets and formal requests for little updates like that will benefit the individual and your company. Again, these self-service capabilities will save you both time and money.

Intelligent MI to ensure you are spending wisely

Our intricate MI reporting capabilities let you gain an in-depth analysis of your applications and how they are being used. It makes it easy to highlight the ones people use the most, and the ones that are being used the least – helping identify apps that could be retired from use.

In fact, we took the same approach to our very own design. If you do not need every aspect of our IAM service, why pay for it? Able+ can be scaled and fitted to meet your requirements. We allow you to pick the best services for you, and if you change your mind, we can easily change the solution.

By selecting your own bespoke enhancements, you will get the best solution for your organisation right now. And when your needs change – so will your IAM solution. Able+ adapts to your company, saving you time and money. Why pay for extension you do not need? Able+ can be implemented incrementally, fitting around your existing legacy systems, and scaled seamlessly to meet your demands.  

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Author: Sidsel Loyche

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