What is single sign-on and why is it so important?

By Vicky Hart - 24 Sep, 2019
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Single signon (SSO) is a verification method that enables an identification solution such as Able+ Cloud to verify users to gain access to other trusted sites and applications. 

In short, users log in once with one set of credentials to gain access to all the relevant apps, resources and content they need and are permitted to see. 

For more complex organisations, who might have a diverse set of users with different access rights, SSO is key to providing some important business benefits: 

Increased productivity

It might seem obvious but by logging in just once, you remove the need for individuals to log in multiple times to an array of individual apps. Users get to their resources quicker, save time and spend more time working.  

Decreased burden on IT departments

Not only thatbut how many times have you forgotten usernames and passwords and had to endure the rigmarole of contacting providers and IT departments to get them reset? Gartner estimates that 20-50% of IT helpdesks are linked to password resets and this highlights just how much this could end up costing in both time and money.  

Quite simply, SSO saves organisations time and this ultimately saves them money.  

Increased security and compliance

By having one set of login credentials, people are less likely to have multiple passwords written down for reference. Additionally, they are less likely to be using a list of weaker, easier to remember passwords OR using the same password multiple times a day for their other applications, which will make an organisation more vulnerable to security hacks.  

SSO also provides clear secure access to the apps and resources individuals need. With Able+ Cloud, access can be defined on roles with predetermined permissions, meaning that access to certain content can be switched off or on depending on the level and access rights of the role. This is particularly  important in organisations that hold sensitive or personal information.  

Not to forget that SSO will help with compliance, especially in markets which have specific regulations around data security.  

Reduced costs

We have already looked at the cost associated with helpdesk requests. It is important to consider that every minute spent logging in, trying to log in and trying to recover passwords has a business impact – both on your IT department and the end user.   

Not only that, but the provisioning and deprovisioning of users becomes more streamlined and faster through automation. Using roles and permissions to determine access rights limits the amount of work it takes to set up new users with separate accounts and applications.  

Improved user experience

Let’s face it, everything we have talked about makes an easier life for the end user, improves productivity and streamlines their working day. No user is going to grumble at an improved user experience. 

More info?

If you would like more information about our identity and access management solution Able+ cloud, please visit our Able+ page or contact us directly.

Author: Vicky Hart

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