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Videoconferencing over the past two years and upcoming trends
Videoconferencing has been around for a long time, but the last two years has really changed our need for secure and fle...
Sidsel Loyche
5 Jan, 2022
How to create meaningful conversations virtually
Zoom fatigue aside, we do have to participate in video calls sometimes – and they can be great for connecting with you...
Sidsel Loyche
5 Nov, 2021
How to dress for the virtual workplace
Whilst working from home often means juggling different roles, especially for parents, showing up to video meetings prop...
Sidsel Loyche
4 Nov, 2021
Zoom fatigue and how to overcome it
Working from home can be great. It allows for more flexibility with your time, saved time on commuting and hopefully som...
Sidsel Loyche
3 Nov, 2021
In the office or at home, the collaboration experience is always great
Prior to the pandemic most office-based people would think of video collaboration as a last resort. In today’s hybrid ...
Sidsel Loyche
15 Oct, 2021
Saving money, time AND the environment
We predict that even if you return to the office full-time you will spend less time traveling with work in the future. V...
Sidsel Loyche
26 Aug, 2021

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