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Ask the expert – Managing Microsoft Teams as part of the digital work...
We caught up with Rob Westwood, our Director of Product & Solution Design for New Era’s International Video Collab...
Vicky Hart
6 May, 2022
New Era’s insight on Microsoft Teams
We caught up with Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions to talk about how our customers are currently deploying...
Vicky Hart
25 Apr, 2022
Save at least 40% on your IAM solution
You already know that your IAM expenditure is a necessary investment to protect your organisation and make it easy for ...
Sidsel Loyche
20 Apr, 2022
Enhance your Video Collaboration teams with on-site staff and training
It is no secret that the cost of in-house technical teams is expensive, but it is also an imperative necessity to keep y...
Vicky Hart
29 Mar, 2022
IAM workflows and how they benefit you
To be effective, an IAM solution must faithfully model an organisation’s people, policies and processes. ​What does ...
Sidsel Loyche
25 Mar, 2022
What does a utopian meeting room look like in 2022?
Remote working has brought about a workforce with both higher expectations and lower patience for Video Meetings going w...
Vicky Hart
22 Mar, 2022

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