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Six common questions on IAM
As an IAM provider, we meet with organisations to help answer any questions they might have on IAM solutions and discuss...
Sidsel Loyche
22 May, 2023
Ensure secure access management in a hybrid work environment
Secure access management needed for hybrid working The COVID pandemic dramatically changed the way we work. With many or...
Sidsel Loyche
17 May, 2023
How to manage the identity journey for staff and students without access cr...
How can I manage the identity journey for staff and students without experiencing access creep? Access creep occurs when...
Sidsel Loyche
16 May, 2023
A comprehensive guide: Planning for a global Microsoft Teams Rooms deployme...
Microsoft Teams Rooms provide an immersive meeting room experience with video conferencing, audio, and content sharing c...
Vicky Hart
9 May, 2023
Supporting online safety and challenging misuse of computers
Online safety is a key concern for schools, and in primary schools there is a focus on getting the foundations right. Bu...
Sidsel Loyche
27 Apr, 2023
Managed Services—Time to Make the Change
Comprehensive AV systems have become a necessity for many organisations in today’s marketplace. Sometimes, the managem...
Jackie Edwards, Global Marketing Director
10 Apr, 2023

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