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Multi-Factor Authentication: Zero-Trust Security for Organisations
  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an IT-based security solution that administers additional or multiple layers of ...
Vicky Hart
14 May, 2021
How should schools keep using DB Primary now they have returned?
Now that schools have returned and teachers are once again able to deliver their learning in person rather than remotely...
Natasha Gibbs
1 Apr, 2021
Is your organisation’s collaboration environment fit for purpose post-lockd...
Lockdowns have affected everyone. The first arrived without much warning back in March 2020, leaving many offices only a...
Vicky Hart
17 Mar, 2021
Supporting pupils returning to school- where should the focus be?
As a teacher, you are probably already be aware of the experiences that your pupils are having. You know your pupils, an...
Natasha Gibbs
23 Feb, 2021
Why are more than half of Organisations using three or more VC solutions?
Video conferencing has seen significant growth over the past three years. Recent studies reveal that 90% of Fortune 500 ...
Vicky Hart
16 Feb, 2021
Collaboration – Desktop to room and back again
The popularity of desktop collaboration has been in steady decline thanks in part to the rise of smart devices, mobile w...
Vicky Hart
28 Jan, 2021
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