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What does a utopian meeting room look like in 2022?
Remote working has brought about a workforce with both higher expectations and lower patience for Video Meetings going w...
Vicky Hart
22 Mar, 2022
Highest yet number of staff sick with covid
Sadly, it seems like the new normal includes a lot of people still having to take time off work due to covid. We are see...
Sidsel Loyche
18 Mar, 2022
How does Video Collaboration improve productivity?
Creating an equitable user experience is a critical function for organisations adopting a hybrid experience for employee...
Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions
18 Mar, 2022
Relationships and respect online
As the focus on Safer Internet Day this year was relationships and respect, we saw it fitting to host a webinar on onlin...
Sidsel Loyche
15 Mar, 2022
AV over IP solutions offer the flawless image quality you require
Audio Visual solutions are a critical part of the collaboration experience as we ensure we can see and hear the informat...
Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions
14 Mar, 2022
How will a Managed Service for Video Collaboration enhance hybrid working?
Gone are the days where you might have one person joining a meeting remotely. Organisations must now cater for people jo...
Vicky Hart
2 Mar, 2022

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