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Preparing for a new academic year
As you well know, the first few weeks of the new academic year can be an exciting, yet challenging time as both pupils a...
Sidsel Loyche
24 Apr, 2024
Safer Internet day 2024
The theme of this year is inspiring change, and with children interacting online more than ever, we would like to inspir...
Sidsel Loyche
2 Feb, 2024
Safeguarding young explorers online
For this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month we would like to highlight DB Primary and how it helps raise cybersecuri...
Sidsel Loyche
24 Oct, 2023
Starting the new school term right
As educators, administrators and parents alike gear up for a new school term, the need for efficient and effective tools...
Sidsel Loyche
4 Oct, 2023
Supporting online safety and challenging misuse of computers
Online safety is a key concern for schools, and in primary schools there is a focus on getting the foundations right. Bu...
Sidsel Loyche
27 Apr, 2023
Cybersecurity in primary schools
Leading up to this year’s Safer Internet Day (February 7th) we hosted a competition asking schools to send us their st...
Sidsel Loyche
30 Jan, 2023

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