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Peter Hadfield at Wigton Moor Primary School is no stranger to DB Primary; it was the number one resource for remote teaching during the pandemic; being extensively used every day. He tells us that it was great seeing the pupils logging in every day to download PowerPoint presentations and documents, complete quizzes and forms and upload their own work as well as talking to their teachers.

Having to quickly adapt to online learning is not just a major task for the teachers, but for the students as well. Understanding how to behave online is a big task to tackle, and for Peter DB Primary was really helpful.

DB Primary teaches children that there are consequences for their actions. Nothing else does that as well and as securely. It is great to know that whatever mistakes pupils make they only make them in their communities and in our school rather than in front of the whole world. The safe mail function gives us peace of mind and the word filter means we investigate lots of incidents to see what and why things are being discussed.

The importance of teaching online relationships

Learning about online etiquette is a major part of DB Primary, and something that is no less important now that children are back in the classroom. By giving students a chance to explore these topics in a safe environment Peter is also helping them grasp how to keep themselves and their friends safe.

The DB Primary whistle and filters are excellent. Pupils can often ‘talk the talk’ of online safety but fail in reality. We find that children learn best through their mistakes. When they fail to ‘walk the walk’ and e-mail friends with inappropriate messages or use inappropriate words on forums or documents, we can discuss this at the right time. The ability to track actions and gain support from DB to identify the IP addresses used for certain actions is also great. This evidence is ideal to share with parents and pupils. We say repeatedly that everything online is recorded, but until they see it for themselves pupils still think the online world is different.

Since coming back to school DB Primary continues to be the platform for online safety discussions at Wigton Moor Primary School and will remain a key part of school life as it forms a regular part of homework.

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