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New Era was approached 12 months ago by a prominent holding and management company, which operates in 23 locations across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. Ranking among the top 25 largest communication firms in the world, the company sought our expertise to enhance the service and support of their collaboration and AV spaces in key locations such as London, Brussels, Dublin, Denmark, and Dubai. Recognising the need for professional management to ensure smooth and efficient operations, they enlisted our help.

Service and Support in Major Locations

London, being the largest office with approximately 20 meeting spaces and a flexible “town hall” collaboration area, required minor tech upgrades to meet the client’s needs. New Era took on the service and support of this office and provided high-level support and service, ensuring that our customers, their users, and partners receive the quality they expect. We address issues promptly, update meeting rooms as necessary, and offer insights on integrating new technology. Our remote management service ensures consistent top-tier user experiences, helping clients understand optimal placements for displays and cameras, among other technical adjustments. This service was extended to other locations including Deublin, Dubai and Brussels

Leveraging Advanced Communication Tools

We also introduced the client to our innovative Customer Command Centre for Collaboration (C3). This solution underpins our managed service capabilities, designed to co-exist with the Microsoft Pro Portal. C3 provides real-time identification of issues, immediate alerts, and enables direct triage to the New Era vNOC for quick and effective problem resolution within the video collaboration ecosystem, eliminating the need for onsite technicians. For this specific client C3 identified 260 issues in one month.  94% of these issues were rectified within 8 hours without the need for an onsite engineer, and 75% of these were rectified within the hour.

Flexible Managed Service Solutions

We now deliver a single-pane-of-glass insight into our client’s entire video collaboration ecosystem, offering an unparalleled overview of their meeting room estate, despite the technology being sourced from multiple vendors. We can monitor the real-time status of meeting room technology and automatically alert when issues arise, allowing for remote fixes to restore functionality before impacting the client’s meetings.

Enhancing Hybrid Work Environments

To support their hybrid work environment, we installed a room and desk booking system. By integrating the floor plan and employee list into our portal, users could easily log on and select the appropriate desk. This feature enabled property and workplace teams to report on space utilisation and plan the future state of the workplace and real estate more effectively. Understanding the preferences of hybrid employees is crucial for organisations aiming to create a collaborative and efficient hybrid work environment.


The implementation of C3 has significantly reduced our client’s meeting room downtime, eliminating the need for internal or external technicians to spend unnecessary time identifying issues or traveling. New Era continues to support the client with C3 at the core of our services, ensuring efficient and reliable collaboration spaces across their global offices.


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