Crayke C of E Primary School engage learners and save teachers hours with DB Primary

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Based in North Yorkshire, Crayke C of E Primary School is a small and friendly Voluntary Controlled school with 90 pupils aged between 4 and 11. The school approached us looking for a online learning solution, which would not only enhance the learning experience of their pupils but would dramatically help to reduce teacher workload and free up vital hours of teacher time.

Cloud based educational tools proven to make teachers more efficient

Our educational cloud solution, DB Primary, contains 1,000’s of learning resources as well as ready-made lesson plans, classroom activities and self-marking homework options. Crayke teachers now have instant access to pre-made engaging teaching resources, which have saved vital hours of teachers’ prepping time as well as providing fun and engaging activities for the classroom.

Louise: ”A solution that can save you time is a massive help. New Era’s online platform provides premade homework which can be set and marked instantly, plus they’re more engaging than a worksheet! Rather than having to make a resource or game from scratch it’s all there, it’s done, it’s engaging, and it looks great.”

Boost attainment and benefit from up to 36,000 hours of home-learning every year

Our solutions are all about accessibility. It is this anytime, anywhere learning ethos which cements knowledge gaining beyond the classroom. Children at Crayke can access their learning activities anytime and anywhere, which has resulted in an sharp increase in their pupils home-learning.

Louise: ”Each week, I get my class to do a little competition via the Learning Library. On my login page I can see the whole class in order of who has been logging in the most, and they compete between themselves for who can go on DB Primary the most. They’ll just take themselves on there now.”

Keep pupils safe online and teach them how to operate in a digital environment

Safeguarding children is paramount to everything we do. All activity is monitored at teacher level and children are able to easily flag anything they find inappropriate or upsetting. The solution has taught pupils at Crayke to operate safely whilst preparing them for a digital future. Crayke even ran a session for parents to showcase how much safer the system was over other social networks popular with pupils.

Louise: ”We don’t have any problems because the whistle is there and the pupils know we can see everything. They know that we can see their emails even if they delete them and they know everything is traceable.”


DB Primary and the Learning Library have exceeded Crayke’s expectations and provided clear benefits to the school. The teachers have saved hours of time each week and the kids are engaged and love the online learning environment, finding the learning resources both engaging and exciting.

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