DB Primary increases online safety awareness at Broadgate Primary in Leeds

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Broadgate Primary School is a 361-pupil school based in Leeds. They have been using DB Primary since 2013 and it is used by every member of staff and all pupils from years 1 – 6.

Delivering the computing curriculum with DB Primary

Broadgate advise that DB Primary is a vital tool in teaching their pupils the computing curriculum. With enough content to cover the full curriculum, their teachers use the platform as a foundation for all their teaching.

Teachers make use of all the content as well as getting their pupils practising first-hand experience with use of blogs, forums and emails.

In the latest guidance issued by DfE they have a section around ‘Underpinning Knowledge and Behaviours’. DB supports this by giving children the opportunity to communicate and collaborate online in a safe space.

The school say that the platform is easy to use and has all the content they need to teach the computing curriculum.

Safe access to email, forums, blogs and learning library content – particularly online safety.  Before using DB Primary we had limited resources to use with pupils, with regard to these tools and areas of learning.

Increased awareness of online safety

One of the core principles of DB Primary is teaching pupils to become responsible users of the internet in a safe, secure environment. Broadgate Primary feel that DB has all the safety features children need to learn, as well content-rich resources to arm the teachers for teaching.

Has it increased pupils’ awareness of online safety? Absolutely!

The online component of Relationships Education directly references caring friendships and respectful relationships – DB Primary teaches children how actions online can impact and affect others as well as having content to support the teaching of this.

Putting learning into practice

One of the key things we preach is making sure children learn how to use technology safely and responsibly. Rather than shield them from the online world, we teach them through first-hand experience how to operate and how to feel comfortable flagging when faced with something upsetting online.

The monitoring features – it feels like a really safe space for pupils to use email etc

By using the moderation tools and level of tracking DB presents, Broadgate were able to quickly rectify a situation whereby a pupil had acted irresponsibly online. Not only that but the support they received from the New Era team allowed them to investigate, remedy and share with staff and parents quickly and effectively.

Collaborative shared space for staff and pupils

Broadgate Primary find the communities and shared spaces invaluable for providing a collaboration space for both staff and pupils.

The ease-of-use of the shared calendar and shared files on the staffroom community alone, saves us a great deal of time. The in-built lesson content saves planning time and the fact that the Website and Platform are linked (as well as linked to SIMs), makes editing and administration much quicker and easier.

How has DB Primary helped Broadgate Primary pupils be more responsible online?

DB Primary provides our school with online tools that enhance the learning opportunities of our pupils within a safe and well-monitored Learning Platform, as well as ensuring that staff have a shared space with valuable functionality that enables them to work more efficiently and effectively.  It also provides us with an easy to use, well-managed Website that showcases our school effectively to the wider world.

Support we can be proud of

Broadgate have high praise for our support team citing our excellent support, easy to use tools and quality content as being the reason they recommend us to other schools.

Why DB Primary?

Excellent telephone and email support, user-friendly tools/content in both the Website and Platform and time-saving tools and functionality.

I usually recommend DB Primary to schools because of how good your support is, how easy the Platform and Website administration is and how much the children enjoy using the Platform.

Find out more

If you would like more information about how DB Primary can raise online safety awareness in your school and how it can be used to meet the statutory guidelines, visit our website or contact us directly.

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