Kentisbeare Cof E Primary School save teachers 11 hours a week with DB Primary

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Kentisbeare Church of England Primary School is a voluntary controlled school, situated in the beautiful Devon countryside. Kentisbeare is attended by 165 pupils, with an age range of 4-11 year olds.

Kentisbeare CofE Primary School is a part of The Culm Valley Federation, that consists of two other schools; Culmstock Primary and Plymtree CofE Primary School.

Simple, easy-to-use educational tools, proven to make teachers more efficient

Kentisbeare CofE Primary School were looking for a solution to help improve communication and enhance teaching and learning within the Culm Valley Federation.

Not only have they been making the most out of DB Primary and the DB Learning Library since 2014, they are also utilising our Website service, to further improve the school engagement with current and prospective parents.

Helen: I think New Era’s cloud solutions offer a lot of potential for academies and federations, and the staff and pupils within them, to communicate better and to get a better sense of belonging to a singular group.

DB Primary – The cloud-based educational solution, that can save teachers up to 11 hours a week!

New Era’s DB Primary, was created for teaching pupils digital literacy in a safe and secure environment.It comes with 1000s of learning resources mapped to curriculum content including online safety. Having tools to help ease the burden on planning, resource gathering and marking work is important!

Kentisbeare have found having everything in one place, makes sure that teachers (and pupils) are kept up to date and knowledge can be easily shared!

Alan: ”We find it saves a lot of time, especially for the KS1 teachers with their home learning. Rather than sticking the home-learning into every workbook every week they’re just uploading one file and that’s it! It’s the ease of it, and when we have new pupils arriving it’s very easy to setup new accounts.”

Boost attainment, and benefit from up to 700 hours of independent learning every week!

DB Primary was created for teaching digital literacy in primary schools. It can be access anytime, anywhere and comes with useful components like curriculum content and integrated services, online safety features, communication tools and digital literacy.

At Kentisbeare, teachers upload home-learning for the week onto the platform via the class community pages. The children can access this easily, to find out what their home learning is, and some pupils will access learning resources independently beyond what their teacher has set.

Alan: ”All the teachers are really happy with the content and the number of resources, and having the differentiation within the resources means that teachers will set activities tailored to the students’ ability.”

Keep pupils safe online and teach them how to operate in a digital environment

Online safety is a huge factor in everything we do. That is why, DB Primary was created with lots of safety features to enable pupils to engage in a safe and secure environment. Whilst pupils are engaging and learning about safe online behaviour, teachers are able to monitor the activity of their classes.

The ‘Golden whistle’ feature allows pupils to instantly alert their teachers of anything inappropriate. Kentisbeare encourage their children to use the whistle, and ensured that they coached the pupils on the correct way of using it.

Alan: ” We encourage the children to use the whistle and try to train and coach them in the correct way of using it. We also use the filtered words feature to keep an eye on what is being sent in emails and within the forums.”


Having access to DB Primary and the DB Learning Library has clearly helped Kentisbeare improve their efficiency within the school and the Federation.

Being able to use the tools available has helped teachers save valuable time to utilise elsewhere within the school, and also gives the children engaging and educational resources at the click of a button, whilst practising safety online!

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