Kirkheaton Primary School teach digital literacy with DB Primary

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Kirkheaton Primary School is situated within the Kirkheaton community in Huddersfield. They are attended by 420 pupils, aged between 3-11 years old.

The school use DB Primary to help aid the teaching of digital literacy to pupils in Years 1-6, as well as using the fun and engaging learning resources to enhance their learning experience. Keen to move away from the traditional methods of teaching and embrace a learn-by-doing ethos, DB Primary offered the perfect platform for them to achieve this.

Teaching pupils digital literacy in a safe & secure environment

Kirkheaton integrate DB Primary into their own digital literacy syllabus. They love the fact that DB Primary emulates a social media platform, which gives the pupils direct experience in operating online. It offers defined safety parameters including the ‘golden whistle’ to ensure they learn how to conduct themselves online in a safe & secure environment.

Sandra Broadhead – ”We like the very safe and easy email tools and being able to monitor if we need to.”

DB Primary, engaging pupils with live & interactive games

Whilst also learning the digital skills they will need in future, pupils also need to have fun! DB Primary and the Learning Library offer the tools the pupils need to learn, but also offer fun interactive games! The kids especially love the live learning games which instil a sense of excitement into their learning.

Sandra Broadhead – ”The children love having their own Avatar and the activities are brill especially the Speedy Maths”

Boost attainment with up to 36,000 hours of home-learning every year!

Kirkheaton really like the idea of pupils being able to email their class mates to learn how to become digital leaders. Providing this sense of community and encouraging each other to communicate online provides the perfect hands on learning approach.

They have found that pupils not only use DB Primary within school but also at home, as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Having easy accessibility means that the pupils can continue to use DB whilst at home, and parents can get involved too with their home learning!

Sandra Broadhead – ”The children enjoy using DB Primary during their free time, which helps improve attainment within the school.”


Kirheaton, with the help of DB Primary, have been able to implement and enhance knowledge of online safety and further support their pupils learning with the resources available on the platform.


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