Kettering Park Infant School transform their school communication strategy with SchoolPing

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Kettering Park Infant School are a 270 pupil school based in Northamptonshire. After years of using an expensive texting service and printing out letters to send home, they swapped to SchoolPing to save money, automate parents evening and permission forms and become more efficient in engaging with their school community.

A modern and intuitive way of communicating with parents and carers

Prior to the introduction of SchoolPing, Kettering Park were using a combination of printed letters and an expensive text provider to communicate with their school community. Looking for ways to save vital funds and improve communications, they switched over to SchoolPing.

”I’m a big fan of SchoolPing, I think it is fantastic!”

Instant cost savings to re-invest into the school

The average 270 pupil school will save approximately £4,394 on texting and printing costs every year with SchoolPing. Kettering park have already eradicated the cost of printing letters and sending text messages, meaning they have become more cost efficient instantly.

Automated parents evening and permission forms

One of the key selling points for the school was the ability to automate permission forms. Sending permission forms direct to parents and capturing responses instantly. Not only that but being able to see who has read and received messages means re-targeting those who have not yet responded has never been easier.

Parents evening has never been easier. They are now able to see who has booked and re-target those parents who are still outstanding.

”By using the app, it is easier for us to see who has booked and when, we are able to print off easy readable lists for the teachers. And it is also easier for admin staff as we can book directly for parents who are unable to.”

Saving their admin team hours

The average 270 pupil school will save 113 administration hours every year with SchoolPing. This is achieved through automated parents’ eve, permission slips and removing the time eradicated printing and distribution letters. By being able to see which parents have read and received messages, they are spending less time chasing disengaged parents and able to streamline retargeting of messages

Positive, engaged parent community

The school has had some great feedback from their parent community. With easy to access information there are no more lost letters at the bottom of book bags and the school can see who is reading and receiving messages ensuring that they re-target those who have not. This all helps to improve engagement across the whole school.

”Our parents are really happy with the app and find it really easy to use. They say it is handy to have all the information in one place.”


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