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Is your School struggling with the printed weekly letters and how to communicate something urgent when needed? Or do you struggle with a costly text message solution that won’t allow you the right amount of characters per text? The staff at St. Ann’s CofE Primary School felt the same way and decided to look elsewhere for a better solution. That’s when they found our school/parent communication app Schoolping.

We would highly recommend anyone thinking about going with SchoolPing to do it, says Jenny Allen, Clerical Assistant at St. Ann’s CofE Primary School.

Before introducing SchoolPing Jenny and the staff were struggling with their parent communication methods as they were being charged per sent text message and were limited on characters allowed. They would also use printed documents sent home to the parents, but that too is expensive and time consuming. Jenny tells us that since getting SchoolPing they are saving money on paper, photocopying and staff time spent creating and printing letters.

SchoolPing is saving us around 15% on photocopying and 25% on paper on top of staff time. We wanted to move away from our old communications methods to save money and time and we are achieving that, plus gaining the ability to reach parents via the app for things such as parents’ evenings and forms.

Using our app rather than messages and/or printed document will save your school time and money, whilst being more environmentally friendly. Schoolping is designed with ease of use and cost savings in mind to help schools across the country, but what does the parents think?

We hear from lots of parents how easy it is to use SchoolPing. For our staff and parents alike it’s now much easier to keep on top on school messages and news with just one app. The fact that we can communicate with all parents in one class, or an individual, plus see who has read each message or not, is a huge benefit for all our communication moving forward.

Having one system that allows all staff at St. Ann’s CofE Primary School to communicate quick, easy, and cost effective has proven successful in term of not only time and money saved, but also in bringing in a solution that is beneficial for all.

SchoolPing easy to use, but the ability to set up parents’ evenings quickly, send out reports/newsletters, create forms for parents to complete has really saved us a lot of time and effort. We would highly recommend anyone thinking about going with School Ping to do it.

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If you would like more information about SchoolPing, visit our webpage or contact a member of our team directly.

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