South Street Community Primary achieve more efficient school communication with SchoolPing

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South Street Community Primary school signed up to SchoolPing in September 2020. We caught up with School Business Manager, Julie Bolt to see how they have been getting on and how much SchoolPing has helped with their school communications.

Previous provider was just too expensive

South Street Community Primary is a 254-pupil school based in Gateshead. They moved away from a previous text provider, to paper based and telephone communications, as it was costing too much money.

It wasn’t long before they started to look at a more efficient way of communicating with parents and that’s when they looked at SchoolPing.

Although it is too early to calculate, the average 270 pupil school will save approx. £1, 579 on text messages plus £2,951 on printing costs.

I absolutely love SchoolPing and I can’t shout out enough about it. Just wish it had been in my life a lot earlier.

SchoolPing – easy to set up and simple to use

After looking at SchoolPing they saw the benefits immediately. Easy to set-up and extremely user friendly for staff and parents alike. Plus, with unlimited messages and characters there is no need to worry about the costs rising every time they send a message.

It was so clear and extremely easy to use. We also aren’t restricted by cost and can send as many messages as we need.

Effective communication has never been so important

This year especially has led schools to ensure they have effective communication in place. With national lockdowns, local restrictions and bubble isolations, schools simply cannot rely on paper-based communication and need to make sure their communications are reaching the right people.

South Street Community Primary signed up to SchoolPing earlier this year and reaped the benefits instantly. It has streamlined their communications and staff are benefitting from an easy to use system where everything is available at the click of a button.

It has streamlined everything – no longer have to go and look for the school diary – it’s there at the click of a button

Parents now benefitting from effective communications in one place

Although they have only been using SchoolPing for a couple of months, they have had a great response from their parent community and lots of positive feedback.

One of the biggest benefits of SchoolPing is the ability to contact parents quickly. Not only that but they can see which parents have read messages, so they know their messages are getting through.

Parents evening made easy

They have now run their first parents’ evening using the automatic booking feature and have nothing but praise for how easy this has made it.

The online booking system is amazing – we are using it for the first time for telephone appointments to which we have had a very high uptake.

How do they sum up SchoolPing?

If only we had had SchoolPing sooner – it would have saved me and the team hours of work during lockdown!

More info

If you would like more information about SchoolPing, visit our webpage or contact a member of our team directly.



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