Are you underestimating the importance of IAM?

By Sidsel Loyche - 10 Jun, 2022
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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework of policies and procedures that help organisations monitor and maintain their users’ access privileges by managing digital identities. Increasingly, the constant progress of digital transformation means that these identities are no longer limited to human users.

They now include applications, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, application programming interfaces (APIs), and microservices. Consequently, IAM has become even more important and relevant in securing the organisation’s digital assets.

So what does IAM deliver?

Protecting your applications and data is a key goal of your organisation’s security strategy. Our IAM solution Able+ provides the control you need to manage user access consistently and efficiently across your entire digital estate. At its core, it provides a central point of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), making it easier to manage issues that cut across the business, such as risk and compliance. But IAM is broader than this. You have probably heard of single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and privileged access management (PAM). These are solutions that help manage access to your digital assets, using the identities managed by IGA. Able+ offers provide all these security capabilities – and more – allowing you to single source your security requirements as part of one solution.

Positioned at the centre of your security infrastructure, Able+ can also identify and remediate anomalous or unusual security events. Most security incidents involve a human element, and hackers will continue to target employees to breach security perimeters. Automation of detection and response within you IAM solution will help to maintain security.

What does best practice look like?

Able+ is offered as a modular service proposition, giving you the option to only pay for what you need today, with the possibility to change it to fit your needs in the future. This gives you the option to design and re-design the best possible solution for your organisation and change it when needed. Able+ is also the most financially attractive IAM solution on market: It is offered with no hidden costs. We strive for complete transparency and will be clear about our pricing, so that you can budget with confidence.

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Author: Sidsel Loyche

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