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Sadly, we entered the new year still facing staff and student absence due to covid. In order to deliver remote or home learning and keep both parents and teachers up to date, you need trusted and proven solutions developed with ease of use in mind.

Whilst retired and ex-teachers are asked to come back to the profession to help deliver face to face teaching, there are still classes being sent home for remote education. And finding temporary staff has not been easy; BBC reported that one in 12 teachers, and around 315,000 pupils were absent during the first week of term due to covid.

We developed DB Primary long before Covid-19 as a solution for a school’s home learning requirements/desires. It is also an excellent tool for online learning, getting to grips with online relationships and behaviour as well as fundamental parts of the Computing curriculum. During the first lockdown, DB Primary helped many schools through the uncertainties and made sure students could stay in touch with each other and their teachers.

Our solution also comes with blogs and forums used as collaboration tools. Being able to communicate with peers and contribute to class communities whilst at home has a positive impact on student’s mental wellbeing and creates a good foundation for collaboration skills.

Remote education done right

DB Primary comes with extensive curriculum resources in the Learning Library containing thousands of primary resources. They are all mapped to the National Curriculum and cover Maths, English, Computing, and Topics. With anytime, anywhere access.
It is easy for staff and pupils to use; Children can upload their work and teacher can comment and mark it, as well as create and share their owns lessons. It allows schools to measure engagement and ensure that students can communicate in a safe and secure environment.

Teacher/parent communication is more important than ever

During these times communication is important, not just between students and their peers and teachers, but also between a school and its parents. With office teams stressed to the max, fulfilling the demands of parental communities has been a challenge for many schools nationwide. Introducing SchoolPing. It’s an all-inclusive communication solution developed for school-parent communication with time saving and streamlining processes in mind. If you want to improve your parental engagement, whilst relieving pressure on the school office team, SchoolPing is for you. If your SMS expenditure is high and/or you still send out paper communication, you could also see vast financial savings.

School Ping makes communicating so much easier – there are so many functions that really help our school to send information and gain parent feedback. We are always finding new and useful tools to make the busy school life easier. We wouldn’t be without it.

Laura Rodger  Headteacher at Bandon Hill Primary

Whilst home learning is still on the table, being able to quickly update individual parents, or the whole class at once is time saving and helpful for everyone. There are other fantastic modules that come with SchoolPing such as inbuilt E-Forms and Parents Evening Booking modules and not forgetting unlimited support and training.

Want to find out how you can use DB Primary to teach remotely, and SchoolPing to support your office team?

If you would like to know more about DB Primary and how it can be used to maintain school community and teach remotely, please read more on our web page or watch this video.

Visit our website for more info about SchoolPing, or watch this video.


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