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By Darren Brown, AV Solutions Visual Designer, CTS - 20 Sep, 2022
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By now most of us are aware of virtual reality, and we hear the rumours of it ‘taking over anything and everything in its path’. However, not all changes are bad and at New Era we see many possibilities to make VR part of better product solutions. 

 VR and digital signage should be working together to create immersive and powerful experiences for consumers. Lyle Bunn, a media analyst and advisor states, “VR is ideally applied for individual engagement and so is a natural extension to digital signage, which best messages and engages audiences of many or a few. Each applies digital content in different ways and it is useful to promote a VR experience using digital signage or offer a user’s view of other members of the party or bystanders.”  

The virtual ‘reality’ 

For years, future homeowners who were shopping for their next home online were given photos, but now you can see a video tour of your potential new home.  

And here in the UK many of us have followed the TV show Your Home Made Perfect where people can see their home renovations using VR before spending their money. Museums post photos of their exhibits online to try and entice visitors to their location, and retail stores have used video as a part of their in-store selling process for some time now. The one thing these examples all have in common? VR and digital signage mixed together could take them to a new level. 

A realtor using digital signage can take buyers into a home, without leaving the office. Museums can immerse visitors into their exhibits, bringing them to life and remaining accessible to all. Retail stores can offer “try before you buy” experiences with products. Instead of impacting one visitor, digital signage can impact several, all at one time.  

The Customer Experience 

The customer experience is a huge focus this year, as technology is changing the way we communicate. VR and digital signage together can give customers a whole new interactive experience.  

Advertisements and Discounts. Personalised advertisements for products that your customers are looking for as they peruse a retail store enhances the shopping experience and gives it a personal touch. Discounts can be shown on screen to further enhance the change of a sale.  

Personalisation. Greeters at the front door of your retail store without a physical person? Yes, it’s possible. Couple that with the benefits of virtual reality and your customer can choose a shopping experience that is uniquely their own. 

Story. Customers want to feel connected to YOU and what you offer. Use digital signage to tell a story about your products or experience while the customer visits. Window displays, billboards and more should reflect the story to immerse customers to draw them in.  

Mobile Interaction 

Mobile devices are the device of choice for shopping, watching Netflix and more. It is smart to use this technology to propel your business. But how?  

Digital signage using Bluetooth technology and VR can now connect to mobile devices. According to Digital Signage Today, “The use of Bluetooth and beacons enable bi-directional communication between the digital signage and customers’ mobile devices. This increases customer engagement by enabling businesses to deliver highly relevant messaging and content. Additionally, customers can be presented the option of interacting with and controlling the signage via their mobile devices.”  

For example, a McDonald’s in Malaysia created a campaign using a melting ice cream cone. Messages on the sign encouraged customers to slow the melting of the cone by turning on the fan that was pictured behind it on with their cell phone. Customers that “saved” the ice cream cone were rewarded with digital coupons that could be used in-store. This is an example of an enhanced customer experience that drove sales for the business.  

Digital signage continues to be on the rise. Through using VR and digital signage together, you can do wonders for your customer experience, engagement, and communication. It’s time to think outside of the headset and move forward with digital signage. If you are interested in discussing your optionscontact New Era Techology today.  

Author: Darren Brown, AV Solutions Visual Designer, CTS

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