Highest yet number of staff sick with covid

By Sidsel Loyche - 18 Mar, 2022
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Sadly, it seems like the new normal includes a lot of people still having to take time off work due to covid. We are seeing the highest number yet of staff in schools having to teach remotely or not at all due to covid symptoms.

Even as our everyday lives are returning to what they used to be (mostly), it is very likely that we will continue to cater for remote education for a long time.

It means that schools that have not yet invested in an online learning solution would be wise to do so. Online learning is useful not only if someone must do it from home due to illness, but also to circumvent many other reasons for school closures. Furthermore, with the increasing importance of the online world, the advantages that online communication and collaboration may bring, investment in online learning is investment in our children’s learning and their future. How else will primary aged children learn appropriate online behaviours and how to stay safe unless they are able to engage with such tools in a safe, secure environment in which key adults intervene, model and scaffold appropriately.

The new normal also means that schools will need a modern communication system in order to update parents when needed. If a class is cancelled it needs to be communicated quickly.

Our solutions

New Era developed solutions to these issues long before the pandemic hit. We have designed an online education platform called DB Primary that will allow children and teachers to communicate in a safe environment. DB Primary lets you create a remote classroom which comes complete with extensive curriculum resources. It’s a great tool for any learning outside of the classroom, for better understanding of online behaviour and relationships and to solidify the foundations for the online safety curriculum including that taught through Relationships Education.

The learning library includes a range of resources that are self-marking and instantly assignable. These activities include forum, blog and chatroom fact files – giving a general understanding of the tools and how to use them.

When it comes to teacher and parent communication, we have developed an app called SchoolPing that allows teachers to communicate with individuals, groups, whole classes or the entire school via messages with unlimited characters. The app will track who has read a message, allowing teachers to follow up with those who are yet to access or reply. SchoolPing will also let your school manage parent’s evenings, news updates, forms, payments and more, saving you time and money on printed forms and text messages.

Furthermore, we design user-friendly websites that are modern, easy to navigate and update, plus mobile friendly – so it can be viewed, and even edited on the go. You school website is an excellent marketing tool and a great way of keeping parents and carers up to date on your latest news and activities. We ensure your website has all it needs to meet Ofsted requirements when building it, and all amendments and support is included in the price.

More information

If you would like more information about any of our products then please contact us.

Author: Sidsel Loyche

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