What does a utopian meeting room look like in 2022?

By Vicky Hart - 22 Mar, 2022
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Remote working has brought about a workforce with both higher expectations and lower patience for Video Meetings going wrong. As organisations start to build out the new breed of meeting rooms, they should consider what the ‘utopian’ meeting room actually looks like from an AV and design point of view.

Ability to join any meeting from any device and platform

Users expect to walk into any meeting room, press a button and be connected. These rooms need to allow them to join meetings on any platform, regardless of the technology the organisation uses. Users do not expect to reboot or make technology changes to the systems or hardware in order to accommodate cross-device or platform connectivity.

Seamless and consistent user experience

A consistent user experience is essential. How people connect to meetings should be the same no matter if they use a smaller huddle room or a large conferencing room. Meetings should be easy to join for all users and there shouldn’t be a need for complex user guides or support in order to get people connected.

There is little tolerance for delays to the start of the meeting because of connection issues, problems with kit or bad connectivity, especially in industries where time is money!

Remote Versus in-office collaboration experience

There is a big focus on ensuring the opportunity for collaboration and participation is the same no matter where the user is located. Opportunity to contribute and collaboration cross-location should be cohesive no matter where participants are based, meaning there is an increased pressure on organisations to provide the tools that support this.
Meeting rooms now need to be fully-functioning video conference and presentation suites.


So many organisations are deploying rooms which align to one type of technology such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. What happens if organisational strategy changes in the future, resulting in a change to how they collaborate via video? Many want to ensure the investments they make today will be both scalable and able to support technology changes should they occur in the future.

Seamlessly managed

Technology invariably goes wrong sometimes, so any room that offers the ability to collaborate online should be managed and monitored to ensure optimal performance 24/7. Organisations can benefit from continual monitoring, behind the scenes diagnostics and remote fix deployment – meaning that they can enjoy increased uptime and user experience.

New Era’s AV design and implementation

We coordinate with architects and other trusted partners to capture technology requirements, optimise budgets and minimise additional cost. Creating a balance between architectural form, system function and budget; we help design, build and deliver expert, impactful rooms for all our clients.

With a human-centred design, we use the best technology solutions aimed to maximise end-users productivity and streamline workflows. We build our meeting spaces to ensure consistent end-user experience across both office and remote locations.

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Author: Vicky Hart

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