How Important is it to Ensure Your School Website is Ofsted Compliant?

By Vicky Hart - 1 Jan, 2019
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Websites can easily be forgotten when Ofsted comes around, as teachers and school leaders are under constant scrutiny from the inspectors.


Ofsted WILL penalise schools for poor websites

If schools do not meet the criteria for websites, Ofsted will mark them down. They also look favourably on schools who have made the effort to go that extra mile when it comes to considering what parents expect to find and want to find from a school website.

Although it may seem shocking, Ofsted will mark down a school even if they are ‘Outstanding’ in every other part of their inspection!


What do we need for our school website?

When it comes to documents on the website, there are many essential requirements your website needs to meet. Including things like, exam and assessment results, pupil premiums, and admission arrangements – from both the current and previous academic years.

Finding a balance, however, of having a vast amount of information (easily found) and keeping a clean-looking website can be tricky. This is why it is key to select a company who understands what is required from Ofsted, and how best to present all the information cleanly and well laid out within the website.

That’s why we offer all our website subscribers, FREE Ofsted checks during the website build and at any point during their subscription.


What else can I do to help our Ofsted score?

In addition to ensuring essential requirements are met, there are also preferential requirements which should also be taken into consideration, such as ensuring that your website is both suitable for desktop and mobile viewing. It should also include social media feeds (like Twitter) and be up to date with School news.

Our online Ofsted checklist lets you assess your current website and offers advice on how you could improve your website in line with the Ofsted requirements.

How can we help ensure you tick the website box? 

Our website team are experts in knowing how to build your websites and portray your school in the best positive light!

During all website builds, the team work on ensuring your website is Ofsted Compliant and easy to navigate. Having loads of documents on a website can seem like a minefield but with our support, your school can display all the requirements and more whilst having a clean looking website!

If you would like to find out more today about how we can help with your website build, get in touch!


Online Ofsted checklist

Our online Ofsted checklist lets you assess your current website and offers advice on how you could improve your website in line with the Ofsted requirements.

Author: Vicky Hart

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