Identity Access Management trends 2024

By Sidsel Loyche - 9 Feb, 2024
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Can you afford to have sensitive customer information exposed to unauthorised individuals, compliance fines eating up your budget, or resources being spent managing crises related to access?

Looking at the ever-evolving landscape of technology, this post discusses trends that could shape the IAM space in 2024:

Zero Trust Architecture Expansion:

Zero Trust Architecture has gained prominence as a security paradigm, and this trend is likely to continue in 2024. IAM systems will increasingly adopt the principle of “never trust, always verify,” emphasising continuous authentication and authorisation, even for users inside the corporate network.

Biometric Authentication Evolution:

Biometric authentication methods, such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and voice recognition, will continue to evolve and become more mainstream in IAM solutions. These technologies offer a higher level of security and convenience, aligning with the ongoing emphasis on user experience.

Extended Reality Integration:

As Extended Reality (XR) technologies, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), become more prevalent, IAM systems may need to adapt to secure access in virtual environments. This includes implementing authentication methods tailored to XR platforms.

Continuous Authentication and Adaptive Access:

IAM solutions will increasingly adopt continuous authentication methods to ensure that user identity is verified throughout a session. Adaptive access controls will dynamically adjust based on contextual factors such as user behaviour, location, and device health.

Privacy by Design:

Privacy concerns continue to grow, and IAM solutions will need to adopt a “Privacy by Design” approach. This involves incorporating privacy features into IAM systems from the outset, emphasising data protection and user consent.

How can New Era help?

Organisations should stay vigilant and adaptive to ensure their IAM strategies align with the evolving threat landscape and technological advancements. Our IAM solution, Able+, offers the customisation and flexibility to ensure your IAM strategy aligns to your business needs.

Author: Sidsel Loyche

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