Safer Internet day 2024

By Sidsel Loyche - 2 Feb, 2024
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The theme of this year is inspiring change, and with children interacting online more than ever, we would like to inspire better behaviour to create a safer environment.

For us, teaching online safety and relationships has never been about just talking about it, and then expecting the results we want; it’s about teaching the topics, providing hands-on experience in an environment where mistakes can be made without huge consequences, may be talked about, and where children are safe to learn from them.

Safeguarding young explorers online

In today’s ever-connected world, it’s essential for even the youngest of learners to understand the importance of staying safe online. DB Primary is an innovative platform that is not only fun and engaging but also a powerful tool for teaching primary school children about cybersecurity.

DB Primary can be used to promote critical thinking and discernment online. By discussing examples of online scams, misinformation, and digital threats, students can learn to spot warning signs and protect themselves.

While DB Primary is designed with children in mind, it enables teachers to engage effectively and gives them the tools to teach. Teachers can upload their own lessons, videos and use the pre-made lessons in class. The platform is designed to streamline various aspects of school life and is invaluable for children, teachers and parents and carers alike.

Helping students collaborate and communicate

A huge part in teaching our children how to behave online is giving them tools that allow discussion groups and collaboration. DB Primary provides blogs, forum and email as well as ‘wiki pages’ – allowing students to work on projects together. These features can be used in class to complete projects together, and at home.

Does something feel wrong? Highlight it!

Making mistakes within an environment that is safe to do so is hugely important for young minds learning proper behaviour online. Teaching students that content published online will stay online, even if you change your mind is a huge task, but a much needed one when teaching future generations. DB primary comes with moderation and profanity filtering, preventing bad language. The golden whistle is an additional tool that students can use to highlight content that might upset them. This provides great teaching opportunities and can be part of discussion groups allowing the children to talk about what is nice and not online.

More about DB Primary

Here you can explore our online platform further! If you would like to book a demo with our education experts, then get in touch here. 

Author: Sidsel Loyche

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