Part 2: Off the Shelf or Fit For Your Purpose Identity and Access Management…it’s a sequel

By Vicky Hart - 23 Mar, 2019
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In a previous post we identified the dilemma of finding out of the box product vs a fit for purpose solution that wraps around your policies and procedures. A one size fits all might be appropriate for a web app or B2C specific activity – but when it comes to including very specific roles, locations, app access, varying security level requirements, the demand and complexity rises exponentially. Of course the cost does…

Identity & access that works alongside change

Such requirements are not static either, as security vectors change, alterations, improvements and new workflows for the Identity and Access Management functions and their detail can be subject to varying degrees of change. In any organisation ‘change is a constant’ as the saying goes.


Also in that post, we identified one area where we facilitated these changes: in the solution design of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, where we focused on highly flexible and available choices and options for configuration via the user interface at a non-technical level. The benefits to that dreaded term “customisation” now refers to a tick-box option selected by admin – not a hard coding exercise…that’s one system ability or capability you need to look out for. That was part of the story, or part one.

Managing workflows is key to successful IAM

The other part, equally as important, if not vital, is capability for…yet again, you as customer and user: to have the ability to work with and manage workflows. 

So one can take any scenario: say adding a new company…or department, country or role, group with associated policy, access to apps, process and security requirements…to set up manual (if you must…or have to…) or automated actions. Of course, this is accessible by appropriate role and other permissions and each action is audited. The workflow is drag and drop, terminology and definition as are editable.

Some flows will be un-editable/invisible for security or local practical reasons according to customer requirements.

How does this affect overall efficiency of an IAM project and increase ROI?

With the ease and speed of change this is a most effective lever to low cost of ownership and initial implementation; speed of deployment and flexing and adapting to the changing organisation. It’s not uncommon in an IAM project for a flustered customer to need to reverse processes and decisions as the testing reveals the best-intentioned plans unravel under the reality of automation and improvement. To be able to quickly test, edit and change removes these obstructive, potentially expensive and time-consuming bumps.

There’s more to look out for when solution seeking on flexibility and agility. But that’s for another time…another episode.

The good news

Able+ Cloud has been built with flexibility to achieve all the above. If you have questions around your Identity & Access Management strategy – get in touch.


Author: Vicky Hart

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