Top AV Trends in Healthcare 2022

By Beth Machall-Dwyer, Senior Account Executive, CTS - 11 Sep, 2022
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Audio Visual (AV) technology is trending in most markets, and healthcare is no exception. By now you are probably aware that you can speak to doctors via videocall, but what other trends do we see in 2022 and beyond?

AI Enhances Healthcare AV

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used almost everywhere, but healthcare lags, due to regulations and compliance. To maintain a competitive edge, the healthcare industry must consider how technology can gather information and use this AI to keep up with patient needs and demands.

AI devices, such as wearable technology can track important patient health data such as blood pressure, giving providers and practitioners access to big data analysis at their fingertips. This data, not only enhances the patient experience but more importantly makes it easier for providers to customise their care.

Trends in Telemedicine

Telemedicine encompasses various technologies including virtual health, remote consultations, virtual nursing, and more. 

According to Maryam Alvandi of The American Journal of Accountable Care

The use of telemedicine has been shown to allow for better long-term care management and patient satisfaction; it also offers a new means to locate health information and communicate with practitioners (e.g., via e-mail and interactive chats or videoconferences), thereby increasing convenience for the patient and reducing the amount of potential travel required for both physician and patient

Video Collaboration technology was quickly adopted during the pandemic, but it’s here to stay as it allows caregivers to provide virtual patient care without the need of a face-to-face assessment. This in turn is beneficial as it allows more flexibility for patients, limits risk of diseases spreading and reduces amount of time spent traveling for both physician and patient.

Technology Enhanced Learning in Medicine

Technologies such as AV have revolutionised the way we teach medicine. This means that the way we teach, and whom is able to attend class is changing and developing as we speak. UNLV School of Medicine, built an anatomy lab complete with 36 student stations and comprising 4K monitors, whiteboards, and custom tables. The lab is used for virtual dissection and enhanced learning, complete with Listen Technologies for assistive learning.

It doesn’t stop there. Students can complete virtual clinicals and watch videos resources on demand. Not only that, but Professors and educators now have the ability to teach remote students as well as students in person.

Interactive Whiteboards

Hospitals are starting to use digital touchscreen whiteboards and tablets to replace outdated dry-erase boards. These touchscreens are programmed to automatically pull data from multiple hospital systems such as medical records as well as other systems in real-time to accurately display patient information. Whiteboards equipped with cameras and microphones enable patients to communicate with their caregivers and even conduct video calls with their families and friends. This results in a more personal experience for patients while alleviating additional work for staff.

Enhanced AV Network Size

Healthcare technology requires a huge and all-encompassing network infrastructure with all the data that needs to be stored and transferred. This increase can also benefit other technologies outside of data, for example, MRIs can be transported in seconds or all patient rooms could be fitted out with a telehealth screen. The opportunities for a robust network are endless as long as the hospital has budget to support it.

The Enhanced Patient Experience

AV and other technologies, such as augmented reality and big data, are continually adapting the patient experience.
However, the only way to truly enhance the patient experience is to listen to what they want and deliver. Technology trends such as these make that delivery possible, paving the way for more innovation daily.

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Author: Beth Machall-Dwyer, Senior Account Executive, CTS

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