Transforming video collaboration through the power of Cisco and Microsoft partnership

By Vicky Hart - 7 Sep, 2023
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As two tech giants come together to form a strategic partnership in the world of collaboration and communication, what are the key benefits to organisations?

Collaboration and communication are vital for organisations to enable work across teams, locations, time zones and devices.

The Cisco and Microsoft partnership has resulted in innovative integrations and solutions that are transforming the way businesses collaborate and communicate. As the first Cisco end-points are now certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms, we explore the Cisco and Microsoft partnership and the benefits it brings to both organisations and customers.

Customer choice

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organisations require flexibility in their choice of communication platforms. They now have the option to use a combination of both Microsoft’s and Cisco’s collaboration solutions in the same environment without the requirement for interoperability solutions, allowing effortless switching between platforms without the loss of features.

Increased sustainability

For organisations who have made hefty investments in either technology, it provides them with the flexibility to choose the solutions that best meet their needs, rather than a “rip and replace” strategy, which enables them to extend the life of products already invested in and increase their ROI.

Many of these enhanced offerings also include environmental monitoring tools such as built-in sensors, which provide data on room occupancy, noise and temperature as an example, leading the way on organisations becoming more energy smart and efficient.

A cohesive collaboration experience

These two vendors represent the most widely used collaboration solutions on the market. This partnership now offers an enhanced level of integration which lets you join Webex meetings from Microsoft Teams and vice versa. It allows for content sharing, messages and document collaboration.

By integrating calling, meetings, and collaboration capabilities, employees can streamline their workflows and access all the tools they need in one unified interface, resulting in increased productivity.

Cisco’s Microsoft Teams Rooms provide a seamless bridge to traditional video conferencing environments, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and interoperability.

This creates a seamless experience for all users with improved workflows, easier in-meeting experiences and enhanced productivity. All of this lets teams work together more efficiently.

More transparent performance monitoring

The integration also facilitates transparency across each vendors platforms and devices, which allows for more cohesive monitoring and reporting.

As an example, AppDynamics now integrates with Microsoft Azure allowing organisations to gain insights into any Azure hosted applications from within AppDynamics itself.

By facilitating organisations to monitor the health and performance of their apps across the complete collaboration estate, they can troubleshoot issues more easily and improve performance and end-user experience.

Improved security and compliance

Cisco and Microsoft are both leaders in security and, both have an extensive portfolio of security products. Organisations can protect their digital assets and users from advanced threats as well as meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Their partnership also empowers them to knowledge share and develop best practices together.

Increased cost efficiencies

The partnership offers a unified management experience, allowing IT teams to manage and monitor collaboration and networking solutions in one, reducing complexity and overhead. With more transparency into the health and performance of the tools and technologies organisations have in place, fault detection and resolution becomes more efficient and relieves pressure on internal teams.


Users can now collaborate seamlessly regardless of platform, location or device. It provides a wider range of choices, greater flexibility, and potential new business opportunities.

If your organisation uses both Cisco and Microsoft Teams, New Era can help manage and support both under one single SLA. Full monitoring, management and support of all your rooms and AV kit.

Talk to us to find out more.

Author: Vicky Hart

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