Use Managed Services to help navigate the size and scale of mass Video Collaboration deployments

By Vicky Hart - 9 Jan, 2024
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In the last 12 months we have seen organisations across every sector struggle to keep up with the sheer demand for video enabled spaces, including even the biggest, global enterprise organisations.

We don’t see this pressure or growth slowing down. In fact as innovations continue to shape the way office spaces need to perform, we see the design and deployments getting more complex.

How does a Managed Service help alleviate these pressures?

Global video collaboration deployments take intricate planning to not only ensure that collaboration spaces are built to serve the needs of today’s users but also to ensure any investment is future-proofed.

Managed Service providers like New Era take the pressures of delivering these projects away from the organisation.
But Managed Services don’t just apply to the post-deployment phase. A true Managed Service will cut across the full end-to-end journey of any Video Collaboration installation project.

Intricate Planning and Design for Complex Spaces

The first step of any Video Collaboration enhancement is to undertake a detailed assessment of the technology and more importantly, what the organisation is aiming to achieve.

Vendors have ramped up innovations in their products, many centred around AI and the enhancement of user experience but this does make the integration of these technologies more complex. Here at New Era, we can help navigate through this and ensure you install the optimum technology and process to achieve your desired objectives.

A common question we are asked is ‘how can one space be configured multiple ways to offer flexible collaboration options for our users?’. Organisations need to effectively do more with less space.

The design of these spaces needs to allow for this flexibility and ensure that user experience is not negatively impacted.

Ensuring Business Continuity through Deployment

So your spaces are designed and you are ready to start the deployment phase, but an integral part of this is ensuring that business productivity is not compromised during the roll-out. Planning for business continuity can be a complicated process and there is often a requirement to stagger key stages of the deployment to ensure that employees can still perform roles and there is no negative impact on productivity. New Era have extensive experience in this area and our customers can be assured that there will not be any downturn in their business activity.

Ensuring Optimal Performance for the Entire Video Environment

Ok, so now everything is installed and you are ready to go… however managing rooms and spaces on a global scale is no easy task. We have seen a huge uptick in orgnisations relying on us to help monitor, manage and support their entire VC environment remotely. This shows no signs of slowing down as more and more organisations ramp up their Video Collaboration projects.

Here at New Era, we can ensure rooms are running seamlessly. We proactively monitor the entire room, including multi-vendor end points. Having a single pane of glass view into the video ecosystem allows us to continually check the health of the room and ensure the room is up and running. In the event of a room fault, we are one of the only service providers who can offer an enhanced level of remote management for rooms and spaces, meaning we can remotely detect and fix and issues before anyone even realises there was an issue in the room. The impact of this is huge for our customers.

Level-up your Support

Extending the support provisions of your existing internal IT teams through a service provider should not be underestimated. Facilitating access to a global support provider means you can leverage 24/7 support from global experts without having to increase your current headcount.

Alternatively (or in addition to) you could consider utilising professional services such as staff augmentation to help scale up your current in-house support efforts, especially when current internal teams do not have the bandwidth to take on the additional support and maintenance. Don’t forget that staff augmentation is both cost effective and flexible as it can be scaled up and down as required.


As video collaboration advances, the effective management of spaces and rooms becomes increasingly crucial. Utilising a Managed Service ensures a seamless video meeting experience for your users, ultimately enabling your organisation to leverage higher user adoption, enhanced productivity, and increased return on investment.

Author: Vicky Hart

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