Why you shouldn’t still be using paper forms for parents’ evening booking

By Vicky Hart - 12 Sep, 2018
2 Minutes Read

You use an app to manage your bank accounts as well as ordering everything from your weekly food shop to holidays… so why are so many schools still using paper forms to book parents’ evening?

Just the other day we heard from a school whose paper booking board had blown away in the wind – resulting in them having to text ALL their parents to call up and re-book over the phone!

This kind of story isn’t uncommon but it is completely avoidable.

In a world where people expect technology to make their lives easier, their thirst for instant information and easily accessible information has never been greater.

Parents don’t want to have to remember to complete and hand in forms – or visit the board to write down their appointment time. Not only that but it makes it even more difficult for parents and carers who might be reliant on breakfast and after school clubs.

Implementing a solution which automates the entire process not only saves thousands on printing and admin costs but will save your team approximately 119 hours a year.

With SchoolPing, parents can instantly book ‘available’ slots via the app as well as rescheduling appointments if they need to.

The admin team can easily retarget parents or carers who haven’t responded as well as sending schedules directly to their teaching staff directly all from the same app.

Moving to an app based solution for your school communications could save your establishment approximately £6400 every year – but more importantly it is imperative to keeping up with the modern world.

Find out how much time and money you could save with our SchoolPing Funding Generator or contact us for a demo.

Author: Vicky Hart

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