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How you can use DB Primary to support the use of ‘My Activity Passport̵...
The new Activity ‘passport’, launched by the Education Secretary in December 2018, aims to enrich children’s exper...
Natasha Gibbs
24 Jan, 2019
Why is it a good idea to get children sending email through DB Primary?
The power of email Sending emails is something we all do in our day-to-day lives and we no longer even really think abou...
Natasha Gibbs
3 May, 2019
What should children do when faced with something upsetting online?
The internet has changed the world we live in and whilst it has changed most things for the better, there are some aspec...
Vicky Hart
22 Mar, 2019
What we learnt from our online safety sessions?
Starting on Safer Internet Day 2019, we embarked on a national mission to provide online safety training to children ...
Colin Green
7 Jun, 2019
How to support pupils & parents in SATs week
With SATs week well underway it is important to know how to best support your pupils and parents through the process. Ke...
Vicky Hart
14 May, 2019
How to use DB Primary to save time and enrich learning in the classroom?
Hear how one ex-teacher would have loved to have a tool like DB Primary and how she would have used it to enrich learn...
Vicky Hart
8 Jan, 2019

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