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Stop, Check, Share approach to Online Safety
Stop, Check, Share approach to Online Safety As part of our commitment to quality education in Online Safety New Era Edu...
Colin Green
8 Apr, 2019
EdTech strategy marks new era for schools
The much-awaited Ed Tech strategy was published on 4th April. It’s commitment to the power and potential of the Inter...
Colin Green
8 Apr, 2019
The Clock is Ticking, Tik-Tok – The need for teaching digital citizen...
In our latest article our Director of Education, Colin Green discusses some key aspects of developing an effective onlin...
Colin Green
6 Apr, 2019
Online Safety is at the heart of educational reform
Online safety for too long has been a bit of a Cinderella subject, popping out once a year in line with Safer Internet D...
Vicky Hart
1 Apr, 2019
Part 2: Off the Shelf or Fit For Your Purpose Identity and Access Managemen...
In a previous post we identified the dilemma of finding out of the box product vs a fit for purpose solution that wraps ...
Vicky Hart
23 Mar, 2019
What should children do when faced with something upsetting online?
The internet has changed the world we live in and whilst it has changed most things for the better, there are some aspec...
Vicky Hart
22 Mar, 2019
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