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How our IAM solution will add value to your Microsoft’s products
It is imperative that your IAM strategy aligns to your business needs, but how does New Era’s Able+  add value to you...
Sidsel Loyche
14 Feb, 2023
Who owns the management and support of your Microsoft Teams Rooms?
Organisations are deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms on mass, globally. The number of Microsoft customers with more than 1,...
Vicky Hart
6 Feb, 2023
10 Common Causes of Data Loss
Data loss is a serious problem for businesses of all sizes— losing files means losing time and money to restore or rec...
Joe Gillis, Global Business Development Director
31 Jan, 2023
Cybersecurity in primary schools
Leading up to this year’s Safer Internet Day (February 7th) we hosted a competition asking schools to send us their st...
Sidsel Loyche
30 Jan, 2023
What is a Cybersecurity Solution?
News of cybersecurity breaches continuing to make headlines.  It is a constant reminder of how quickly and efficiently ...
Jackie Edwards, Head of Marketing, Americas
16 Jan, 2023
The importance of effective parent-teacher communication
Effective communication between parents and teachers is essential for the success of primary school students. By working...
Sidsel Loyche
16 Jan, 2023

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