The Difference a Service Provider can make to Video Collaboration Deployments

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Your video rooms and spaces are designed – and you are now ready to deploy and install.

Depending on the size and locations of your deployment, this is sometimes difficult to manage. Coordinating different suppliers and contractors can result in delays to the project as your internal teams juggle every aspect of the install.
Managed Service providers do make this easier and here are some of the ways providers like us can do that.

Single owner to manage multiple suppliers and vendors

By working with a managed service provider, you benefit from one single contact. Your service provider will manage all the external relationships and communications with suppliers and vendors. They will coordinate everything on your behalf in-line with the agreed project timelines. If there are issues with supply chain or any delays your service manager will work on your behalf to resolve this and get the project back on track.

Project Management

Here at New Era, we assign every customer with their own project manager. Project managers will manage all internal and external relationships and work directly with the relevant teams to ensure the project is correctly mapped out with realistic timeframes. They provide an open line of communication for everyone involved and will keep the project on track and within budget. If any issues arise then the project manager will look to resolve this directly and provide regular updates through project meetings.

Equipment configuration and full testing

An experienced service provider will provide a comprehensive staging environment to ensure all equipment is tested and configured correctly before being deployed to its end location. This gives ample opportunity to resolve any faulty equipment or issues in set-up prior to the final build, thus limiting delay to the overall project.

Global installation capabilities

It is common for Video Collaboration projects to cover different locations as part of the same deployment, either regionally or globally. Given the complexity of collaboration builds, coupled with the management of deploying this in multiple locations; a service provider can help alleviate the pressures of managing this internally. They will have established relationships with trusted partners and contractors in global locations, meaning that you will not have to manage multiple project builds in multiple locations, often with different languages and time zones.


A fully governed project management office team will manage and co-ordinate the end-to-end project, resulting in a clean hand off to the customer with a fully functional, tested solution. A project will not be handed over until the build and installation is fully tested and operational.
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