Darlinghurst Academy use DB Primary for easy to grasp online learning

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Darlinghurst Academy have been using DB Primary for a number of years to provide the pupils with safe internet access whilst in a learning environment.

The full potential of the package was unleashed when the school went into lockdown in March and the school had to quickly introduce a home learning setup, which would be easy for staff and pupils to use but also be able to be managed by the Leadership Team.

The school has been using DB Primary to maintain learning across the school

All years from Reception to Year 6 have engaged with the product. The teaching staff have been able to upload videos and files to engage the pupils.

Even the specialist teaching staff (PE, ART etc) have been able to provide the pupils with content including exercise and art lessons via videos.

‘’DB Primary was and still is a god send during this time.’’

Children have been able to share and celebrate work

Children have been uploading work including documents and photos. Teachers have been able to comment and mark the work as well as giving children online awards.

An added benefit of DB is that it facilitates the sharing of work through blogs and forums so children can share their work with the wider school network including teachers and peers.

‘’Our pupils have been uploading photographs of their artwork!’’

DB Primary has kept communication open and school spirit going

Staff and pupils have been able to keep in touch using the closed email systems, which allows communication in a safe and moderated environment.

‘’The Whistle Blower option has also enabled the pupils to quickly highlight any problems which have arisen and these can then be sorted out quickly by the staff.’’

Measuring engagement

The statistics provided from the login information has been very useful to check when pupils are actively using DB Primary and at what times of the day.

In summary

‘’DB Primary has been vital to us during the lockdown. It has kept us all connected and allowed teachers to set engaging work for pupils to complete. We have been able to measure engagement and ensure that children have been able to communicate in a safe and secure environment. We will continue to use DB Primary for those pupils who have been unable to return and to bridge the gap between home and school. Plus, we know we are well equipped should we ever have to switch to home learning again!’’

Want to find out how you can use DB Primary to teach remotely?

If you would like to know more about DB Primary and how it can be used to maintain school community and teach remotely, please visit our web page or get in touch with our team.

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