Sacred Heart Catholic High School are saving money on postage and SMS credits with SchoolPing

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Sacred Heart Catholic High School based in Newcastle Upon Tyne recently switched old communication methods for SchoolPing in order to be able to deliver messages to parents instantly whilst saving money. We caught up with Michael Ashton-Thompson, Assistant Headteacher, to hear more about the school’s view on our communication app.

Before we moved to SchoolPing we used a combination of paper letters, text messages and emails to reach parents. By changing to the app we are saving money on postage and SMS credits.

The fact that SchoolPing lets you monitor who has read your messages makes the process a lot easier as well; simply re-send your news to those who has not yet seen it for better and quicker communication. And whilst saving money, your school will also save a lot of time by using one simple tool rather than several methods that can limit your number of characters allowed and be time consuming to produce.

We are really happy with the fact that SchoolPing provides us with the function to send instant messages from a variety of key staff across the school to everyone, a specific class or single individual. SchoolPing also allows us to include attachments which was not permitted with our previous system.

As well as attachments, SchoolPing will also let you manage, parents’ evening, permission forms, parent surveys, payments and much more. This will help your school streamline internal processes and generates huge administration efficiencies for your teams.

As school and parent communication goes both ways it’s important to us that parents using the app too are pleased with it’s functions. SchoolPing is designed as an easy-to-use and modern tool that can provide an insight into the daily life at your school, but also deliver important news quick when needed.

The feedback from parents has been mostly very positive as communication is now a lot easier.

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